Undressed Skeleton — Recipe Index!

Recipe Index!

This page is very new, so not all of my recipes are listed yet! Make sure to check out the side menu for more options! I plan on building this along the way to help your navigation on my site!:)

My objective when making healthy recipes is to keep it easy, fast and tasty. I cook with what is available in my house. I make all my recipes cohesive to each other throughout the week, so I don’t have to waste food and/or keep running back to the grocery store.

I feel like my recipes and blog is for people of all ages, who want to eat healthier. Teens who want to learn how to make quick healthy recipes, this site is for you. College kids running low on equipment and money who want an alternative to dorm and fast food, this site is for you. For moms trying to please their kids taste buds while keeping healthy options on their plates, this site is for you. For anyone wanting to lose weight and eat great this site is for you.

I’m not a professional chef but I can whip up some healthy and delicious meals in 10 minutes! I like to find substitutes for unhealthy ingredients in our foods and make them taste just as good or better than before.







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