Undressed Skeleton — Dining Out!

Dining Out!

If you’ve ever worked at a restaurant that serves soup, then you already know it’s nearly impossible to pour a bowl without making a mess. I say the messier, the better! If you have the chance to eat at McAlister’s Deli, do it! You won’t regret it. The food is not only delicious, it’s incredibly fresh and great lunch stop.

I love ordering soup for a side. As a pescetarian, it’s not always easy to find a protein option for salads at restaurants. The bowl above is Fire Roasted Vegetable and it’s incredible! It has a little over 22 grams of protein so it certainly makes up for the loss source. 

One of the trickiest decisions that turns people off is choosing the salad dressing. I get it. When I first started my weight loss journey, I was confused. I did what everyone else told me to do. I did what the books told me to do. But sometimes you have to do what works for you.  I always get questions like “Taralynn, what salad dressing do you use”, or “Taralynn, I can’t eat salad without ranch. What should I do?”  I’m not a professional, but can still tell you what I have learned from personal experience.

I used to worry way too much about the calories, fat, and sodium in my dressing. I’d always order the lightest one, even if it made my salad bland. But shouldn’t we enjoy the food we eat? I think so and that is why I don’t care how many calories my dressing has, how much fat it contains, or how high it is in sodium. I know what you guys are thinking “Taralynn, what the heck?” but I’m tired of eating bland salads.

The key to enjoying the things we love is in moderation. That is how I manage my healthy lifestyle. It has to be tolerable and doable. And moderation is key. That is why I order my dressings on the side. I can still enjoy the taste of creamy Caesar dressing. You’ll be shocked with how much less you actually use when it’s not poured over your salad. Most likely you’ve replaced the usually cheeseburger with a salad, but why replace the dressing, too. I think you’ve sacrificed enough. Although a healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be a sacrifice. 

Around noon, we left the apartment to go out for lunch. We wanted his parent’s to try one of our favorite Detroit restaurants, Fishbone’s. I have been to the one down town, but this was my first time at the St. Clair Shores location. Just as good! 

I ordered an ice water with lemon and an unsweetened ice tea with lemon. I guess I was in the mood for both. 

I have tried their jalapeno cheese sticks at the last location and they were phenomenal. We each had one to start off. The great thing about appetizers is you can split them. You have the chance to treat yourself without over indulging. 

I had a couple bites of the bread, but wasn’t a huge fan. I don’t particularly like “sourdough” bread. My favorite rolls are at Texas Road House! 

Jeremy ordered a side of Gumbo.I wanted to try it, but it had sausage. It smelled amazing! He said that if you guys ever go to fishbones, that it’s a must try! 

I ordered the Cobb salad with ranch on the side, no bacon, and add onion! You better believe I threw those cherry tomatoes onto Jeremy’s plate, then he threw them on his mom’s plate, then he sank them into my ranch. We are so restaurant polite…

The salad also came with egg, chicken, cheese, and avocado. The only thing it was missing was some croutons. I’m a crouton queen. Oh and some nuts would have done the trick! But overall, it was a great salad!

Saturday night, Jeremy’s parents and I headed over to the Charity Room for dinner. We were still celebrating Jeremy’s birthday. I started out with a house salad and ranch on the side.

For my entree, I ordered pineapple glazed grilled chicken with mashed redskin potatoes and the steamed vegetable medley. 

Around five pm, Jeremy’s mom and I had a quick bite to eat. I know I said I was sick of salads, but I didn’t want anything to filling because we were going out to dinner later that night to watch the Auburn vs. Florida game. (Not that I really cared about the game) I’ve had enough football for one weekend. 

Of course we went to Terry’s Terrace. I’m not kidding when I say it’s our favorite. My parents are hooked and now Jeremy’s parents are too. First, we started out with a Team Platter. It came with potato skins, beer battered shrimp, spinach artichoke dip, and chicken fingers. We also had a side of mussels. I had tried them before, but couldn’t convince myself like them. The texture and appearance freaks me out. They didn’t taste bad last night, but they still gross me out. I just can’t. 

My meal also came with a side salad. 

I ordered the salmon with redskin potatoes. As usual, it was perfect!

Yesterday afternoon I met up with my friend, Jess, for a lunch date at Caffe Far Bella. It’s the cutest and coziest little hideaway cafe in St Clair Shores. Their menu was endless and they had all kinds of seasonal desserts and espresso drinks. 

They have been voted number one for their soups in Detroit and I can vouch for them! I ordered the vegetable bean chili and Jess had the chicken noodle; both very good! 

After our lunch we opened up our Christmas gifts to each other. Is anyone else obsessed with her hair color? I know I am…

I ordered the large portion of a Caesar salad. I don’t know what they do to get their lettuce so fresh, but I couldn’t get enough. It sounds silly, but I’ve never tasted lettuce so fresh. I also had an eggnog flavored tea packet. It actually tasted like a cinnamon roll! So good! I’m on the hunt to find them. 

Later in the night Jeremy, my dad, and I went out to dinner at my favorite place, Terry’s Terrace in Harrison Township. My meal came with a starter salad and ranch on the side.  Oh! You better believe those cherry tomatoes were flicked onto my dad’s plate. Gross! 

Yesterday was a winning day for me. I won $60 on my mega millions ticket and then $58 playing Keno at the restaurant. So the dinner night was on me! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! I think my gambling career has a future ;) 

I ordered the Napa Valley chicken and shrimp over redskin potatoes. The chicken was crusted in Parmesan cheese and marinated in a white wine lemon sauce. The chicken was topped with cooked roma tomatoes, which I like so no flicken’ onto other peoples plates!

We ended up having dinner at 10 pm! Woah! 

I could have eaten the entire buffet at first. I filled my plate with mango chicken, cheesy pasta, salmon, sushi, and salad! 

My second plate had little pieces of mac and cheese, (Because I am still trying to clean up my diet) It’s hard at buffets sometimes. I like to add little pieces of the heavy foods to hit the spot. I also had BBQ chicken, lo mien, salmon, and salad! 


I stopped at Panera bread to grab a salad to go. I ordered the Fuji Apple Chicken salad with their Asian dressing on the side. The salad came with seasoned chicken, onions, pecans, apple chips, mixed field greens, and Gorgonzola cheese. It was delicious. I know I’ll be ordering this again, soon! 

After our hike, we drove over to Jason’s Deli. This is one of my favorite places. I used to go there at least once a week in Georgia. 

My first plate had some eggs, croutons, onions, zucchini, nuts, bell peppers, cucumber, broccoli, spring lettuce, romaine, cottage cheese, and edamame salad. I had a side of dressing and hummus for dipping. 

And there is always room for more. 

My second plate had lettuce, pasta salads, potato salad, croutons, cucumber, broccoli, onion, mixed nuts, edamame salad, egg, sunflower seeds, beans, cottage cheese, and couscous. 

I could hardly shove anymore food down so I had to throw in the towel. 

But…managed to save room for a little treat. I had soft serve ice cream with chocolate pudding, chocolate chips, trail mix, and granola on top! 

I met up with Jeremy for his lunch break this afternoon. We went to his favorite, Taco Bell. I had their veggie Cantina bowl. It’s rice and black beans covered with lettuce, pico, corn salsa, guacamole, and a side of cilantro dressing. 

Monday night after helping Jeremy mop up his hospital rooms, we stopped to eat dinner at a seafood buffet. The food was pretty good. I ate my dessert before taking a picture. Whoops. It’s so hard not to go back for more dessert! Especially the coconut ones…

I picked off the pepperonis on the spinach and vegetable pizza and had a slice with my salad. After dinner, I dove into the freezer for an ice cream cone and passed out like a baby. I’m sure eating late at night had something to do with my crazy dreams. 

I am beyond excited that Darcie flew down to Scottsdale! I’m sure the cold Nebraska weather made her decision easier. I was in much need of a girl’s day. I love my boyfriend, but come on! Who wants to hang out with a dude all the time? Not this girl. 

She got here around eleven and we headed straight to the mall. Lunch was our first stop. I picked up a salad in the food court. It had some guacamole, lettuce, corn, tomatoes, tortilla strips, hot salsa, and fajita vegetables. I can’t believe I don’t remember the place. But it’s right next to Pita Jungle in the Fashion Square food court if that helps. 

Caffeine was a must. I had a cappuccino with skim and an extra shot of espresso. I’m super excited for Starbuck’s holiday drinks! The peppermint mocha is my favorite. 

I am undeniably getting sick of dining out. Most would argue or bicker that eating at a burrito joint is in fact not “dining out.” But I don’t know what else to call it. I miss my oven, my electric mixer, and my cute jars of chocolate chips. At least I think they are cute. I deal with my withdrawals by browsing Pinterest while giving other bloggers jealous eyes and frowny faces. And don’t get me started on the dog pictures people post. The commercials are tough enough. 

Last night, we walked up to Qdoba for dinner. If I wasn’t dressed like a bum, I would have rather eaten at a fancy shmancy Italian restaurant.

I posted a picture on my Instagram last night and got a kick out of people analyzing the size of the burrito or how the chips were wrapped, in order to figure out where the food was from. I have to admit that my Instagram followers are quite the detectives. Most of their detective skills were spot on. 

I love places like Qdoba because they have so many Pescetarian or Vegetarian options. And the food taste so fresh. I ordered the Grilled Vegetable Burrito. I could have went the healthy route and ordered it naked or with a whole wheat tortilla but I was too hungry to give a….to care. I topped the burrito with brown rice, light on the cheese, black beans, pico e gallo, roasted corn, fiery habanero, lettuce, fajita vegetables, and grilled vegetables. Jeremy and I always split chips and salsa with our meals, too. 

How delicious does that burrito look? It was super thick and took both of my hands to hold it together. I eventually gave up and started eating it with a fork. After downing half with chips and salsa; I was stuffed and contemplated on taking the rest home to eat later. But then Jeremy got his hand on it. He took a bite, then I took a bite, he took a bite, then I took a bite, and it turned into a battle. Then….it was gone! The chips, the salsa, the guac…all of it! Gone. 

Crab leg Wednesday at the casino! 

If I seem crabby today, it’s not from the lack of sleep or lack of sunshine in the sky. It’s because Jeremy and I had a crab leg food challenge last night. I’m so over crab legs. I don’t think I’ll eat another crab leg until Christmas Eve. 

I had a plate of vegetables to make up for the lack of greens I’ve been eating lately. The salad hidden under the green beans an broccoli was pretty good. I tapped out after three plates of crab legs. Even though crab is one of my favorite foods, the texture threw me off after the second plate. 

I always manage to fit in dessert. I had soft serve ice cream with Oreo crumbles, butter finger crumbles and maraschino cherries on top! After getting half way through the ice cream, a oatmeal cookie appeared! The dessert was worth every last bite! 

I haven’t been to Pancheros in years! So when Jeremy and I drove by it today, we made a u-turn! A legal one! Don’t worry. 

I ordered a salad (yea yea…imagine that!) for lunch. We are going out for dinner tonight. I didn’t want anything too filling or I won’t be hungry later. My salad had lettuce, seasoned-marinated veggies, black beans, cheese, jalapeno, guacamole, roasted corn salsa, and pico de gallo. I also ordered a side of chips and salsa. I deserve it after my run today.

I’m rewinding back to Thursday night to post my delicious dinner! Late Thursday night Jeremy and I went out to dinner with Brian and Darcie. We ate at Cien Agaves Tacos and Tequila. That place was phenomenal. If you enjoy Mexican Cuisine, you’d love this place. 

We all had a round of margaritas to go with our appetizer.  Our appetizer was a giant platter of Nachos. I have eaten more nachos here in Scottsdale then I have in the past three years. I can’t say I’m mad about it.

For dinner, I ordered shrimp fajitas with rice and beans. I could eat this meal for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t get old. 

Day three in Scottsdale! 

I am on week two of my half marathon training schedule! So far it’s going pretty well. I have increased my speed by 30 seconds on each mile. It’s incredible how increasing your speed can drain you faster. I can easily run non stop ten minute miles, but I was drained running three, 8:30 minute miles. I know it’ll get easier and I am excited to progress. 

Jeremy got back late last night and I was sick of eating peanut butter sandwiches all day so we went out for dinner. We went to the Lodge so we could watch the Bears play. I ordered a plate of nachos for dinner. I know it’s not the healthiest of options but sometimes you gotta live a little and eat what you want. We ended up going to the Lodge again for lunch today! I’m thinking of going to the Chop Shop for dinner tonight. I keep running by that place and hearing so many great things about it. 

Lunch after the softball game! #saladcreations

I was going to take a photo of my hickory bourbon salmon and broccoli….but it was way too good! I got a piece of it;) #rubytuesday #fitandtrimmenu

Yum! #rubytuesday has the best salad bar! #dinner

After our walk, we went out for a late lunch. I ordered a Salmon salad that came with cranberries, those disgusting cherry tomatoes, onion, and walnuts. I had them replace the blue cheese with walnuts. Blue cheese and I are not friends. 

How do you say no?

You don’t have to. I eat healthy 80% of the time, workout six times a week, and have the will power to stop after one. Living a life without treating yourself is no fun. It’s what helps me stay motivated and on track with my lifestyle. Feeling deprived can be dangerous and lead to dangerous eating habits or restriction. Always learn how to enjoy the things you love! Working for them makes them so much more enjoyable. 

Friday night, we all went out to dinner. I ate healthy all day, worked out in the morning and deserved some delicious food! Appetizers are always the killers! 

After eating several dinner rolls with cinnamon butter and cheese fries with scraped off bacon, I figured I’d better order a salad! 

I ordered the Michigan Salmon salad but without blue cheese and they were out of walnuts…:( But it was really good! 

After a day of shopping we were all exhausted! We picked up dinner at Salad Creations and came home to play board games and watch football.

After putting my salad down, I ran to the bedroom to put my comfy clothes on. On my way out, I asked my mom to watch my salad while I was gone, so Grumples wouldn’t eat it. She agreed. 

When I came back, everyone was busy eating. I looked down at my bowl and half of it was gone! I was way too hungry to laugh at the fact that my dog ate half my salad I drove ten miles to get. I questioned how my salad could be sitting in the middle of the room and no one stopped to notice an 80 lb fluff ball eating my salad? He ate the best part, too! The croutons, the chips, and the avocado! Dogs can’t even have avocado!

As I began to eat what was left, everyone started to giggle. Wait a minute…you guys stink! I went into the kitchen after realizing they hid half my salad to make it look like my dog ate the salad. Well congrats! They pranked the prankster! 

I love weekends with the family! Even if it means being chased by a chainsaw and having your salad eaten by your dog. 

It’s Monday! Time to recover from a Sunday full of football with a Monday full of football! Yesterday, Jeremy and I went to the Lions vs. Bears game in Detroit! We walked around Greek Town for a bit and then met some friends at Fishbones. Fishbones is amazing. I will be back again…even if the waitress accidentally dumped a tray of sushi on me. It was all worth it ;) 

Our group ordered a couple appetizers; one being the jalapeno mozzarella sticks. These are basically death sticks. Not because they are fried, fatty, and full of cholesterol, but because they are dangerously addicting and taste awesome. Luckily, I have good will power and stopped at one. 

I had a side salad with dressing on the side. Some of you were asking on my instagram if I eat Ranch? And the answer is…yes. I know what you are thinking…”ranch is awful for you” and you are right! But, I sometimes have ranch cravings and rather than ignoring them, I treat them the right way. I order the ranch on the side and dip my fork into the dressing and then grab the lettuce. You use 80% less that way and cut out a lot of the unhealthy saturated and trans fats. If you stop pouring the dressing on the salad, you’ll save a lot of unhealthy calories. 

Fishbones had a large menu! Sushi, burgers, gumbo, etc. I went with the spicy tuna rolls because I am on a huge sushi kick!

After lunch, we walked over to Ford Field to watch the game. The stadium was full of crazy fans! Whoa was that an experience! 

After the game we all walked over to the Casino to kill some time. I got hungry and picked up some………more sushi:) I told you I was on a Sushi kick! 

Tonight for Monday night football, Jeremy and Brian have requested whiskey cupcakes and Teriyaki chicken! I have the the Teriyaki chicken in the crock pot and I’m about to get hot on the cupcakes! I’ll be posting that recipe tomorrow! 

Have a greattttttttttttttt Monday! 

During our Florida trip, we ate at the Burrito Bowl! It was awesome. It was like Chipotle…but better. I had a large vegetarian salad bowl topped with salsa, pico, corn, guac, grilled onion, grilled pepper, and rice. 

Surprise! Surprise…we stopped at Wendy’s. I was so bummed that they didn’t have their berry almond salad! It was just seasonal..ahhh foooey. But, I had their apple pecan instead! I added croutons and and stole Jeremy’s cheese because he is on Paleo. I threw the cherry tomatoes out the window because those are death bombs to my mouth! Yuck!

Our hotel didn’t offer breakfast, but they did have a Starbucks! Instead of downing a pastry or muffin, I had yogurt, a banana, fruit, and a skinny latte! 

This is from a Chinese buffet in Valdosta Georgia. I told you, Jeremy LOVES these places. I usually get the same thing: sushi, salad, vegetables, and crab legs! 

This is from a cafe in Florida! They have a lunch buffet and it was the best thing I have ever had! I also had salmon with my meal. 

Lunch at Panera bread! Classic salad, apple, fruit cup and vegetable soup! 

Genghis Grill! Vegetables, Shrimp, black beans, egg whites, garlic water, lemon pepper seasoning and sesame seeds!

I will be flying home in 8 days! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see my fluff ball pup and spend hours baking with my mamma in the kitchen for Thanksgiving. This year we are doing Thanksgiving a little different. We usually have two dinners, one at my house and one at Jeremy’s. My brother, who is in the Air Force, won’t be home for Thanksgiving this year. So my family and Jeremy’s are having one large Thanksgiving together. I can’t wait. 

Last night, I headed over to the grocery store and picked up food for dinner. The grocery store’s deli had great pre-made food to-go. I had salad, salmon, stir-fry vegetables, and baked beans. I also threw on the last two crackers leftover from Friday night’s snack platter.

Rewinding back a little here…

Friday night, I talked about how much fun we had at the Art of Merlot, but forgot to mention our delicious Sushi dinner before. When I was flying down to AZ, my seat partner (I think that’s what you call it) gave me a bunch of great recommendations for dining out. I remember him saying something about Stingray for sushi, and I finally got to experience it Friday night. 

We ordered all kinds of sushi rolls. Spicy tuna, Las Vegas roll, California Roll, spicy crab, spicy shrimp, crunchy spicy tuna and the dragon roll. Everything tasted great. 

We ordered way too much. I didn’t think that was possible. 

I am going to have to give sushi a break after this one. I have had it way too much this month. But I lived off the Sushi leftovers on Saturday night. 

Sometimes after a week of constantly working out and eating well, I like to treat myself with a fat fro yo! Ohhh what a reward! 

And sometimes I get carried away! And I deserve it! 

After picking up Jeremy from the airport we went to dinner at Paizanos. To start the meal we both ordered side salads. I had a Caesar salad with grilled shrimp. 

We both were in the mood for pizza. We agreed on splitting a pizza with green pepper, pineapple, and onion! Paizanos has amazing pizza. The flavor is spot on! After dinner we took a little walk around the town. It was the perfect ending to my weekend. And to make it even more perfect, I am going to cuddle up to Jeremy and watch a movie! 

After working from 7 am to 2 pm at the soup kitchen with my friend, Jessica, we headed to BD’s Mongolian for some lunch! I had a bowl with veggies, shrimp, vegetarian strips, and added them to my lettuce wraps! I love Bd’s! 

Jeremy loves Chinese food. He always chooses those buffet’s, too! I don’t mind it. Because I like buffets. I had some sushi, salad and cooked vegetables!

I probably go out to eat at a Mongolian Bbq place twice a month! I love it that much. This is a bowl from BD’s mongolian. I usually order the same thing every time. My bowl consist of: vegetables, black beans, edamame, garlic water, garlic pepper seasoning, shrimp and egg whites. 

This is a photo from a Chinese buffet (Jeremy’s choice) I topped my salad with grilled salmon. I had a couple pieces of sushi, coconut shrimp, and fried green beans. 

ast night was date night. Now that it is football season, I don’t see much of Jeremy. He’s that addicted. So we decided that Wednesday nights are date nights. That means no phones, computers, or other devices. (I sneak in some instagraming) 

We decided to go out for dinner, rent a movie, and camp out in the living room like kids. After we went on a run together, we got all jazzed up and headed out the door. But…uh oh! We got caught in the middle of a thunderstorm. We sprinted into the restaurant but it took two seconds before I was soaked head to toe! 

I was freeeeeeezing! I ordered hot tea with lemon to warm up! 

I was too hungry to take a picture of my salad before I started eating it :) Workouts do that to me! But here is half of my pre dinner salad. We went to a lakeside restaurant. 

I ordered the broiled pepper salmon and it was cooked perfectly. I normally would go for the vegetables as a side, but I was in need for some more calories after my workout! I went with the redskin potatoes instead. The dinner was fabulous! 

I went out to dinner with my family at Mambo Italiano’s! Holy yum! I ordered the vegetarian salad and had them add salmon on top.

By far the best salad I have ever had and their salmon was phenomenal. It was so good I ordered it again the next time I went! 

Windsor Caesar Casino in Canada! 

Jeremy and I headed over to Canada for a night out with some of his work buddies. We had food at the buffet before heading to the tables. (I’m pretty awesome at blackjack) People usually fear buffets when it comes to staying healthy. I love them. I prefer them. Why? Because you can choose what goes on your plate. You can try bits and pieces of unhealthy foods without ordering an entire dish. Fill up on the greens and put some of your favorite foods on the side in small amounts. I go for the desserts. On plate, I have salad, grilled zucchini, sushi, cottage cheese, and then enjoyed an ice cream and cookie afterwards! 

For lunch, we stopped at Jimmy Johns. I LOVE Jimmy Johns. I ordered the vegetarian sandwich on wheat with no mayo and extra peppers. Jeremy and I also split a bag of chips. 

The sandwich was so filling that I couldn’t finish. I saved the other half to eat on the road. 

After passing over a 100 billboards with: Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Long John Silvers restaurant signs, I thought we’d never find something semi-healthy to eat. Jeremy were both trying to eat better after the weekend. I  was tempted just to pick up a bunch of items from the gas station. Finally we came to a little town in Missouri that had a Panera Bread…score! 

I ordered the pick two and a fruit cup. For one of my picks, I ordered the classic salad with the Asian dressing on the side…even though they gave me balsamic ;) I’m not one to go back and ask for what I ordered. I use to work at a cafe when I was in high school and every time someone came back to point out that I made a mistake, I felt bad. I promised myself to never do that to others. Their balsamic is really good anyways. 

For my other pick, I chose the Mediterranean veggie. Instead of the tomato basil bread, I had them put it on wheat because it has more fiber. This sandwich was delicious. I want to make my own version for dinner sometime.


Around one we were pretty hungry, so we stopped at my favorite road trip fast food place…Wendy’s. They have the best salads. Seriously. I order the berry almond chicken salad with croutons and raspberry vinaigrette. I order the chicken on the side and give it to my dog. I am also a fry thief. 


Hours later we arrived in Michigan. We were all superhungry and tired of sitting, so Jeremy and I walked to a seafood restaurant with my mom and dad. We ordered a seafood starter that had: crabby cheese mushrooms (ew, won’t touch mushrooms), beer battered jumbo shrimp, mussels, and fried calamari. Last night was the first time trying a mussels. They tasted like fishy bubble gum. They weren’t my favorite, but not terrible. 


I decided to treat myself to a stack of snow crabs! The meal also came with a starter salad. This was one large feast. After the appetizers, numerous iced teas, and salad I could only eat half of the stack. I’ll be digging int he leftovers later.

Today Jeremy and I are taking my parents out on a fishing trip to catch northern pike and muskie! It’s going to be a competition, so I’ll keep you updated! 

Sometimes making healthy choices is hard. Making healthy choices when you are a vegan, vegetarian, or pescetarian is even harder! Today at the golf course, we stopped at the clubhouse after nine holes to have lunch before we finished the back nine. The lady working was the sweetest! She whipped me up the only non-meat, non-fried thing she could find. I loved her creativity with adding the planters peanuts and pretzels! It turned out pretty dang good! I had Italian dressing on the side. And when I got home I dug into the leftover salmon! 

Last night, Jeremy and I went to Ruby Tuesdays. As you cal tell, it’s our fave! We fill up on salads and order a meal off heir fit and trim menu. I am usually way stuffed from their salad, so I always have leftovers for lunch! Their spaghetti squash marinara is one of my favorites. It’s only 260 calories, so paired with a plate of salad, it’s the perfect dish! 

Momma June’s Southern cooking  It’s everything the name comes off as. Fried everything, except the salad bar and butter glazed food. This restaurant  besides all the fried food had a lot of healthy options. The salad bar was fresh and had all kinds of vegetables. I loved it! I topped my salad with some snapper and filled up! Filling up on salad is smart if you are hungry and craving every bad item in a buffet. Enjoy the unhealthy foods, but in moderation and after you have nourished your body. 

Another one of my go-to meals on the road, Subway’s veggie delight salad. I order it with apples and sweet onion dressing on the side. If you have an annoying boyfriend, it comes with crushed chips on the top. 


After golfing, we stopped to have dinner. We always choose buffets because there are so many options. I always go for the healthy plate first to fill up.


My next plate is still healthy, but I add some extra foods like pizza, macaroni and baked beans. I always save room for dessert. Its hard to say no, and after spending all day in the sun, I deserved it. I had soft serve ice cream topped with a chocolate chip cookie and gummy bears…whoops.  After dinner Jeremy and I took a four mile walk with our dog on the beach. 


On the way home, we stopped for some food at Subway. I ordered the Veggie Delight with: spinach, lettuce, bell pepper, banana pepper, onion, tomato, croutons, and cucumber. I bought a bag of apple slices and a bag of apple chips to go on top. For the dressing, I had them put sweet onion in a container to go. It’s the only kind I like from Subway. Overall this salad was pretty awesome! 

On Saturday, I was prepared to make a big dinner. Jeremy and I went to get his oil changed and it took longer than we expected. We decided to walk to the closest place to eat, Cici’s Pizza Buffet. Whoever said you can’t eat healthy at buffets or on a budget…is seriously wrong. I go to buffets all the time and still walk out feeling great. Cici’s was only five dollars. I had tons and tons of salad and a slice of vegetable pizza. Jeremy and I split a brownie too. I like to fill up on veggies and healthy foods, then treat myself to something “not so healthy”. If I would have started with pizza, I would have ended with more.  If you want a n example of a buffet post, here is my favorite. http://undressedskeleton.tumblr.com/post/44752157256

Friday night I spent three hours in traffic. I picked up Jeremy from the airport and got stuck behind numerous accidents. I really won’t miss the traffic in Atlanta when we leave. When we got home, we geared up and went for a five mile run on an incline. It felt awesome….when it was over with:) Later that night, we went to a seafood buffet. I had tons of: steamed vegetables, crab, salmon, and fresh salad. I even tried my first sushi ever! It was a California spring roll, the “scardy-cat” choice. This made my sushi fear slowly fade. Next time, i’ll be more outgoing. After our dinner we went for a nice little walk downtown. 

I made sure to eat as healthy as possible on my 20 hour drive home yesterday. Eating healthy on the road is hard. The drive is so boring and there isn’t much to think about other than your stomach. I didn’t pack much before the trip as I usually do. I had to make gas stations and fast food stops work. 

We took off around five am to head to Georgia. I scarfed down two cups of coffee and four large egg whites with my parents before we hit the road. A couple hours down the road, I stopped to get gas. I was hungry, so I bought a light yogurt and a cup of fruit at a gas station. I found that if you choose gas stations that are connected to grocery stores, they have fresh options. The grocery stores usually send over the fruit or vegetables for their coolers. And if you don’t mind eating day old fruit, it’s much cheaper. 

After passing over a 100 billboards with: Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Long John Silvers restaurant signs, I thought we’d never find something semi-healthy to eat. Jeremy were both trying to eat better after the weekend. I  was tempted just to pick up a bunch of items from the gas station. Finally we came to a little town in Missouri that had a Panera Bread…score! 

I ordered the pick two and a fruit cup. For one of my picks, I ordered the classic salad with the Asian dressing on the side…even though they gave me balsamic ;) I’m not one to go back and ask for what I ordered. I use to work at a cafe when I was in high school and every time someone came back to point out that I made a mistake, I felt bad. I promised myself to never do that to others. Their balsamic is really good anyways.   

If you are looking for a healthy restaurant to eat at, I would go with Ruby Tuesdays. They have a Fit & Trim menu that has so many delicious items. I talked about their Salmon below. Yesterday, I had their spaghetti squash marina and the salad bar. Their sauce is to die for! Jeremy and I eat there once a month…it’s a Ruby Tuesday addiction! 

On Monday, everyone went out to a steakhouse in Valdosta Ga. They had a wonderful seafood selection. I normally go for shrimp or salmon. I decided to jump out of the box and order Tilapia. They gave me a heaping serving size and it was absolutely delicious. I ordered extra steamed vegetables instead of french fries. I also had a side side before my dinner with the dressing on the side. I was stuffed! Always go for the lean protein and fresh vegetables! 

You have treat to treat yourself now and then. I chose the low sugar strawberry-banana and low-sugar pistachio almond. I added a couple chunks of fruit toppings and a couple random sweet toppings. This was so yummy! Jeremy was upset because his skittles froze. Such a baby! 

When I first got to Atlanta, it was late and I wanted something quick and filling. Jeremy took me to Atlanta bread. I had a salmon black bean salad with a side of their butternut squash soup. It was absolutely delicious, but a little too rich. I had a couple bites and had to call it quits. I saved it for later and used it as a sauce over my spaghetti squash. Soup and salad are always a great choice for healthy resturants. 

Whenever I go to Panera Bread to study, I grab fruit and iced coffee! The ice coffee is cheap and has unlimited refills. They have the perfect classic salad too. 

I forgot the name of the Irish Pub we went to, but I got this salad from their. It was definitely an interesting choice. It was my first stab at pickled beats…not sure if I’m a fan yet…They did have the best coffee I must say! 

One of my favorite places…Ruby Tuesdays! I am a little too obsessed with their salad bar. OH, and their croutons…they may not be the healthiest choice, but they are totally worth it!


Jeremy and I flew his parents to Vegas for a well-deserved get a way. We were all equally hungry, so we met them down at the Mandalay Bay buffet. 

Coffee was the first word that came out of my mouth when the waiter took our drink orders.  I’m sure that is not a shock for all of you. I am surprised coffee wasn’t my first word as a baby.

I had a half and half packet in my coffee with one packet of sugar. All they had was sweet n low, so I settled for the real deal. 


The buffet looked fabulous.  There was an abundant amount of healthy options with fresh fruit and vegetables.  I knew I was going to eat a ton this trip, but I still wanted my choices to be healthy.  You can splurge without fearing the scale or over using the gym when you return home. You just have to splurge smartly

Buffets scare the majority of people who are trying to eat healthier.  Buffets don’t intimidate me at all.  I prefer them.  I like making my own choices and choosing what goes onto my plate.  Buffets give me that option.

My first (yes, first) plate consisted of: cooked shrimp, mixed steamed vegetables, some kind of Chinese green vegetable, asparagus, a red potato, crab legs and a chunk of salmon. 


I was still hungry. To prevent myself from eating the entire buffet, I had a bowl of fruit to allow my stomach to settle for a couple minutes before making another trip.  Fruit keeps you from overeating.  It is rich with water and fiber to help your stomach feel fuller. 


My second plate consisted of: pineapple, asparagus, cooked shrimp, breaded salmon and a garden salad. I was finally content. I wasn’t shooting for miserably full or I’d have to be rolled out of there. 


Day Two of Vegas: Mandalay Bay Buffet

My first plate had : strawberry yogurt, spoonful of almonds, granola, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apricots, blackberries, grapes and a little portion of the scrambled eggs. 


Sometimes I think I have a tapeworm. I can eat more food than my body size. Healthy food of course. I went back for more. I grabbed the same choice but with a piece of crepe and pineapple this time.


I guess my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I stirred everything up, contemplating a finish, but there was no way. The second plate was too much. I threw in the towel! My face was starting to look like Adam Richman’s during his food challenge days. 


We headed to old Vegas, Fremont street.  This is where the crazies are! There were all kinds of people.  People wearing feathers, to people wearing nothing, to transformers and movie murderers.  Its almost possible to be bored here.  Everyone was getting hungry.  We stopped at another buffet, the Golden Nugget.  Yep, that’s right…my third buffet! 

This time, I decided to go lighter on the dinner plate.  I had a huge sweet tooth.  My plate had: vegetable shrimp stir fry, steamed broccoli, crab legs and a salad with a side of dressing. 


I have this method when it comes to buffet desserts. How can you say no to all the delicious treats screaming your name? Instead of putting a whole brownie, cookie or piece of pie onto my dessert plate, I add little sample pieces. That way I get a little taste of everything without going overboard on the sugar. There are usually broken pieces of dessert on the trays, so I grab those. On my dessert plate I have: apple pie cobbler  fudge brownie, raisin oatmeal cookie, carrot cake and whipped butterscotch ice cream with a cinnamon sugar chip. It doesn’t look like I have six desserts on my plate, but that is the beauty of the “sample-method”. It’s all about moderation splurges, not binge splurges.


My eyes were starting to get heavy. I always get tired and go overboard on vacations, so I ordered some coffee for an extra boost. 


Another Vegas morning had arrived.

This time I woke up a little later…7 am.  I can’t sleep when I am anxious to start the day.  And how could I not be anxious?  I was in Vegas!  I grabbed my workout clothes and headed down to the fitness center at the hotel.  I did a nice jog and weight session.  I was surprised to see an empty fitness center.  How do these Vegas goers look so good if they don’t hit the gym?  I must be missing something.

On the way back up, I grabbed a little fruit tray from the cafe and a couple coffees. 


After showering and getting dressed, I sat down to read a book with my fruit and coffee.  I left my laptop at home to prevent wasting my time getting caught up in Facebook or Pinterest.  A book is much easier to put down than closing up a laptop during a Pinterest session.  Am I right?

A couple hours later, Jeremy’s parents met us for breakfast down at the Mandalay bay buffet…yup…my fourth buffet in one weekend! 


This time, I had: yogurt with granola, blueberries, pineapple, melon, blackberries, a scoop of scrambled egg and a slice of french toast. I grabbed the apple and took it with me for my long day ahead. I learned my lesson and didn’t go back for another plate.


We decided to have dinner at the Bellagio buffet…yup…my fifth buffet in one weekend! We kept hearing it was one of the best and decided to try it out. 

I’ve never seen anything like it. 

They had everything for everyone.  It was fat kid’s heaven and health nut’s heaven all at the same time.  I squeezed right between both heavens. 

As all buffets go for me, I go in with a method. 

Instead of starting off with everything that looked good like: pasta, macaroni, pizza or mashed potatoes, I decided to fill up on greens.  My first plate consisted of: grilled salad zucchini, cucumber, bell pepper, dried fruits, romaine, egg whites, cous cous, onions and a side of dressing.  This was just a teaser…


For my next plate, I decided to fill up on protein and cooked veggies.  My plate had: grilled salad zucchini and squash  asparagus, broccolini, shrimp, crab, glazed baby carrots, cous cous, dried fruit and a baby potatoes.  I know dried fruit isn’t that great for you, but it was so tasty.  I never buy it, so once in a while won’t kill me.  The broccolini was incredible. I can’t describe the flavors. All I could think of was getting more! 


I was starting to fill up, so I chose to put a piece of pizza on my plate. If I would have put pizza on my plate the first time up, I would have kept going back for more neglecting the vegetables that tasted just as good. 

My last plate consisted of: mahi mahi, cheese pizza, grilled salad zucchini, dried fruit, broccolini and a couple seasoned potato wedges. I skipped out on the macaroni and cheese because I was getting full. Good thing I didn’t put that on my first plate. 


The dessert bar was incredible. It was basically it’s own bakery. It had every kind of dessert from every kind of culture. 

I have always seen macaroons on Pinterest and in magazines, but had never tried one. At the Bellagio, I finally did. I only planned on taking one bite, but that didn’t play out as I planned. I can’t describe how delicious it was. It tasted like a brownie flavored Kit-Kat on the outside with brownie batter in the middle. I can’t believe I have been missing out on these all my life. Shame on my parents

If I ever decided to eat until my death, I would go here. Is that crazy to say? Oh well… 


Our last day in Vegas was here. I did not want to leave. I was starting to get into a Vegas routine. After devouring my coffee and a tray of fruit, I woke Jeremy up. I wasn’t going to let him sleep in this time. We only had six hours to enjoy the day before heading back to the airport. His parents didn’t leave until today.


We stopped at the Venetian for iced coffee.  I had one tbsp of half and half in mine.  The Venetian is beautiful. It reminded me of Italy. Luckily for my parents, they are staying there this weekend.  They will love it.  They met and lived in Italy when they were younger. 


Our last stop was the Miracle Mile Mall.  I’d love to live in Vegas.  There is so much to do and no excuses to be bored.  I enjoyed watching all the talented people on the streets and the not-so-talented people (old man dressed in a diaper pretending to be cupid).  After we were all shopped out, we headed back to the hotel for our final meal and to say our goodbyes to Jeremy’s parents.

I bet you can guess where my last meal was…yup…another buffet! My sixth to be exact! This was going to be my final meal of the day. It would be midnight by the time we landed in Atlanta. 

On my plate I had : fruit, kidney beans, shrimp, cucumber, romaine, crab, three bean salad, croutons, a potato and Italian on the side. 


The salad was delicious and refreshing. After our long walk on the strip, I felt better about going up for another! After dinner, we headed to the airport to go back to Atlanta. We had an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back! I don’t have anything negative to say about Vegas! Other than the amount I spent on coffee. Good thing I won it back with my new gambling addiction. 

Grocery store salad bar! 

Sometimes it’s nice to just sit at a little cafe in the grocery store and fill up on salad instead of heading to a restaurant with a waitress. I also think grocery stores have the freshest produce! 

Smash Burger! 

A couple months ago, I flew into Chicago for St. Patrick’s day. We had a busy day moving, so we stopped across the street to the closest restaurant. I ordered their Caesar salad with the dressing on the side. I also split sweet potato fries with my mom. Their sweet potato fries were cooked in coconut oil and seasoned with thyme, garlic and parsley. Such a unique taste!


My FAVORITE place in the world ;) Jason’s Deli!

I am obsessed with this place. The salad bar is gold to me. 


I always get desert at Jason’s Deli. Instead of having a huge bowl of ice cream. I take a side dish and fill it with ice cream and top with trail mix. A little portion is all I need. 


Another Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar. I go here at least once a month with Jeremy. It’s my absolute favorite, ASIDE from Jason’s Deli. 


I always order the glazed Teriyaki with steamed broccoli. I ask the waiter to have the cook ad no butter to the broccoli. This dish is on the Fit and Trim menu. I usually fill up on so much salad that I have to take the salmon home for my next meal. 


I ordered this salad from Potbelly’s at the Midway airport. It’s on my top salad list for sure. If you scroll down, you will see that I have ordered this one numerous times. The vegetarian Chickpea salad with some alterations. 

Jeremy loves Subway. I’m more of the Sub-Nay…It just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe if they had a salmon or shrimp sub I’d be all over it! We stopped there on our way to South Georgia, and I had already ate, so I ordered a Veggie Delite salad with a side of sweet onion. 

Another trip to Jason’s Deli! 

A mighty fine salad if I may say so myself!

Whole Foods salad bar always comes in handy when I am healthy and lazy at the same time! I can’t be the only one…

Eating at the buffet:

Jeremy and I stopped at Hy-Vee before leaving Iowa on our way back to Georgia. Hy-Vee is a grocery store that has a place to eat as well. There is a large buffet full of delicious foods. I chose to go with the salad and fruit. I took advantage of the delicious fruits and vegetables, piling them high on my plate. 

My salad included:

  • Spinach
  • Three Bean Salad
  • Croutons
  • Crab
  • Salsa
  • Sunflower Seeds, Un salted
  • Boiled Egg
  • Mixed Berries
  • Pineapple

When you are forced to go to the buffet style restaurants  focus on filling up on the fruits and vegetables before diving into the “hot foods”

After taking Grumples for a little walk we stopped in and ordered two pizzas. One for Jeremy and one for me. They make the pizza right after you order it and have it ready within ten minutes. Can it get more fresh than that? It’s so convenient. You know that crash feeling you get after eating the “normal” pizza, well Naked pizza does the exact opposite! 

Jeremy ordered the 10” with chicken, jalapeno and white sauce! The chicken has absolutely no hormones or antibiotics. Looks so good!

I ordered the 10” with red sauce, onion, spinach, tomato, pineapple, and bell pepper. I can’t describe how amazing the flavor was because there are no words. 

I am almost certain this pizza was made with magic. It has so many healthy benefits that you normally can’t find in pizza. The crust is made with 10 grains plus prepiotic agave fiber that contribute to digestive health. It’s also made with oats, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, teff, spelt, tapioca, and different kinds of wheat. The crust is also butter free and sugar free sorry Paula Dean but its better without butter. The tomato sauce was one of the best I have ever had full of natural spices and herbs. There was no citric acid or added sugar which reduces calories. The cheese was perfect made with whole products and 100% natural. The vegetables are also organic with no additives or icky farmer chemicals. If you ever get the chance to try Naked Pizza don’t pass it up! 

I haven’t made a menu make over post in a while! Last night I was so hungry and not in any mood to cook, so I decided to stop at Subway. I  usually order a salad or a Veggie sub, but I was surprised and happy to see that they finally offer the falafel now.  I ordered the falafel on whole wheat bread with onions, lettuce, spinach, green pepper, banana pepper, and cucumber. 

Sometimes it’s a lot harder to wake up, pack a lunch, start your car 10  minutes before you head out the door, brush off the snow, get dressed, etc during the winter months. Today was one of those days for me! So I decided to head out and grab a healthy lunch. As I drove around I passed several restaurants. Finally I saw a Panera bread and my stomach growled so I stopped.

I wanted something warm.  I decided to order the pick two! I ordered a cup of creamy tomato soup. For my other choice I had a Classic Salad with light Asian dressing on the side. This definitely hit the spot!

Bagel Bouy In Sag Harbor

The Bagel Bouy in Sag Harbor was delicious. Whatever you wanted they had it! They had a salad bar I chose that had a variety of options. T

I ordered the Classic Salad. I had the Asian Sesame for the dressing. For the side I chose and Apple instead of chips and cut it up and added it to the salad. I ordered a side fruit cup and added it to the salad as well. 

Hazelnut coffee with half and half

I ordered the same thing :)

John Papas Cafe was on the corner of the Square. It was one of my favorite breakfast places this summer. There were so many healthy choices on the menu.

John Papa’s Cafe is the first place I have ever tried putting cottage cheese inside my Cantaloupe. I usually put Yogurt inside. 

For lunch I ordered the Fresh Tossed salad.  I ordered my dressing on the side and since I was already eating cottage cheese I asked them to keep the cheese off.

Fierros Pizzeria East Hampton

I ordered one slice of cheese pizza and a garlic roll. I ate this once a week! It was so delicious. 

The lobster roll is one of the most famous seafood joints on long island. This was the second time I have eaten here and every time it was absolutely Delicious.

Lettuce Mix, Snap Peas, Berries, Kiwi, Pineapple, Granola, Low Mein Noodles, Onions and Peppers!

Found my “Salad on a Stick” at the Iowa State Fair!

Found my “Salad on a Stick” at the Iowa State Fair!

I ordered the Grilled Veggie Sandwich! 

Last night my boyfriend and I went out to dinner at Biaggi’s in Cedar Rapids. He said it reminded him of “Olive Garden on steroids” and he was right. The lighting was very calming and the atmosphere was fancy. It was very busy but the restaurant was very large, therefore we didn’t have to wait. The service was very fast and the waiter was so polite.

For my main course I ordered Tuscan Minestrone Soup. No matter where I go if minestrone soup is on the menu I’ll order it! It’s one of my favorite dishes. 

I also ordered a small Caesar salad to go with my soup.

Tonight after walking the new puppy I stopped at Pita Pit to bring home dinner! I ordered the vegetarian falafel on wheat pita w/ shredded lettuce, fresh spinach, romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Green Peppers, Jalapenos, Banana Peppers and cucumbers. I used yellow mustard instead of the tzatziki sauce.

Last night for dinner Jeremy and I were way too tired to cook and by the time we would have got home it would have been 9pm so we stopped at Chipotle, my favorite! I always order pretty much the same thing here, the vegetarian salad. As I walk through the line I ask for just 1/2 of the amount of beans, and a pinch of cheese or they usually pile it high. I add fajita vegetables, tomato salsa, corn salsa, salad dressing and guacamole on the side. 

When you are ordering a salad ask the waitress/waiter to bring your salad out with the dressing on the side. You will being save hundreds and hundreds of calories this way. 

I decided instead of going with the Usual Minestrone Soup and Salad I wanted to treat myself to pizza! I ordered a cheese Pizza with Roma Tomatoes, Onions, and Peppers.

At the end of the meal we ordered our FAVORITE dessert. The Lemon Cream Cake. It’s around 610 calories. OH MY. We split it among the table and I had a couple bites, instead of eating the entire cake.

Last night I was faced with the Buffet, which many people are terrified of, but I actually love it because I get to make my own choices!

I grabbed a bowl and started at the lettuce side. I added Romaine, Spinach and Iceberg. I added some more vegetables, peas, green beans, bell peppers,broccoli,banana peppers, cucumber, and onion. For the protein I added a couple pieces of imitation crab meat, egg whites, and lentils. I topped the salad with craisins, croutons, a couple pieces of granola, and 1/4 cup of cottage cheese. On the side I had light tomato vinaigrette for the dressing. The salad was so tasty from all the flavors added that i barely used the salad dressing. On the side I had a cup of fruit, strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon and blueberries!

Boy was I stuffed! 

This morning Niki and I woke up and went to get breakfast. I ordered the egg white omelet with spinach, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and syrup. I had a little side of hash browns as well.

We started to get very hungry and every restaurant was crazy busy with about 2 hour waits! We walked 4 miles to the Big Bowl to have lunch. For our starters we had Vegetable pot stickers which were so delicious. 

I ordered the Teriyaki salmon with fresh vegetables. I ordered a small house salad that way i could sprinkle salmon over the top and keep my meal light. I saved the rest of the salmon for dinner. 

On top of the salmon they added sauteed onions and peppers with a Teriyaki glaze.  It was very sweet and I can honestly say the best salmon I have ever eaten in my entire life.  

The green beans were so fresh and crunchy. They cooked them in olive oil and sesame seeds. I dipped them into my Teriyaki sauce for extra flavor. 

Last night Jeremy and I had dinner at a buffet for seafood night! I stuck to the salad, steamed veggies, and seafood!

Had my favorite restaurant the other night with my friend Anna! The Ghengis is my favorite because you get to choose anything and everything! In my bowl I had carrots, broccoli, pineapple, shrimp, 2 egg whites, green onion, snow peas, onions, peppers, water chestnuts, squash, zucchini, garlic water, and a little honey soy! After my delicious healthy dinner we went out for a walk around the town and indulged in home made ice cream! 

Sauteed mixed vegetables at Mambo Italiano! Iove ordering a side of vegetables with my meal. It adds more nutrients and flavor to any dish!

While I was in Iowa My family and I had lunch at Charlotte’s in North Liberty Iowa. It was such a cute place with tons of yummy food. I ordered a vegetable wrap on tomato basil tortilla.  It had cucumber, tomato, guacamole, onion, lettuce, cheese, mustard, and peppers. It was so delicious. My mom and I split some soup and a cookie with our lunch! If you are ever in Iowa I recommend stopping there! 

The worst thing about eating healthy is that some restaurants don’t offer healthy meals, but you can easily make them healthy by applying what you already know. Don’t skip going out with your friends and family because that’s a part of life. You don’t have to eat what they eat. I know that Caesar dressing is about 190 calories in 2 Tbsps and they gave me about 1/2 cup of it. I ordered it on the side instead of having them drown my salad in it. Instead of having breaded chicken or steak on my salad I went with grilled salmon. Salads can be worse than a pasta entree or pizza if you are not conscious of how it is prepared.

 Some drinks available at most coffee shops range between 400-800 calories! That’s way too much for a drink. If I’m not in the mood to order a coffee with half/half I usually order a tall (small) Northern Lite Latte from Caribou! If you are at Starbucks it’s called a “Skinny Latte”. At only 90 calories it has 10g of protein!  

A couple weeks ago my mom came to visit. We took a walk downtown catching up and gossiping about everything a mother and daughter could. The sun started to beam down and we were craving something refreshing and sweet. We walked a couple more blocks and came to a yogurt shop. It was adorable and quaint planted right by the train. We couldn’t resist so we headed across the street. The inside was so colorful and fun. I couldn’t wait to make my yogurt, I’m such a kid at heart when it comes to toppings and whip cream! I stood there doing a couple spins to look at all the yogurt flavors, then I remembered I don’t have to pick just one, so I headed over to the first wall. I added 1oz of cupcake yogurt, 1 oz raspberry, 1oz chocolate, and 1 oz peanut butter. Next was the toppings bar, drool! I wanted to keep it a little healthy but at this point I didn’t care I walked 5 miles and was ready for a treat! 1 added 1/2 piece of Reese peanut butter cup, sprinkled some coconut, dark chocolate chips, pineapple, mixed berries, almonds, a waffle cone chip, and finally my favorites whip cream and sprinkles! Does it get any better than that!?

For the past week I have been M.I.A. I have been moving apartments which is a lot more work than I thought it would be. Of course I chose an apartment on the third floor with no elevator :) Carrying up furniture and boxes was a challenge and my legs hate me for it. Most of my things I had to pick up in Iowa so lots of road tripping for the move. 

I left around 6:30 am to head back to Iowa to pick up more stuff. I made some coffee and drove for a couple hours until Jeremy and I got hungry and needed to fuel up the car. I’m not sure if you have ever been to a Pilot gas station but they are usually connected to Subway restaurants. Jeremy went to grab us something to eat and I didn’t even have to tell him what I wanted. He came back with something surprisingly healthy, the egg white and cheese muffin. Every Subway sandwich has it’s flaws but this one didn’t have many. 

The only thing I would do next time is add spinach, peppers, onions, tomato, cucumber, and jalapenos. Along with the sandwich I had a Chobani yogurt and apple slices. 

They stuffed it with Jalapenos, onions, sausage, and peppers. 

It was really late in the night and sometimes if I have too much sodium and greasy food I can’t sleep very well and I planned on working out at 7am. I ordered a fresh Caesar salad with cheese and dressing on the side. Caesar salads are drenched in dressing which takes away the yummy crunch of the romaine. 

Waking up at 6:30am on Saturday is not my ideal weekend starter. Waking up at 6:30am on Saturday for WORK is definitely not my weekend starter, but I figured I’d give Jeremy some company at work. After we left his office we were super hungry so we took a drive around the city looking for breakfast places. For some reason The Edge caught my eye, so we agreed we would eat there. 

I was super happy to have my first cup of coffee. I normally don’t go out of the house without coffee. I love fresh brewed coffee from breakfast restaurants, it reminds me of coffee on Sundays after church with my mom.

Their breakfast menu was ENDLESS. You could literally have anything you have ever imagined. I was torn between yogurt, oatmeal and an egg white omelet.  I chose the Pineapple Paradise Yogurt. 

They sliced open a pineapple and added black berries, melon, strawberries, walnuts, honey, yogurt, blueberries, granola and raisins. I loved how light and refreshing this dish was.

Sometimes I put yogurt or cottage cheese in my cantaloupes but I have never thought about serving yogurt like this. I will definitely be making versions of this at home. At the bottom of the bowl there was about 1 inch of pineapple still attached, so I scooped it out and blended it with the leftover yogurt.

I had an option to choose any of the fresh bakery muffins to go with my yogurt, but I asked the waitress if I could have whole grain toast with no butter instead. I love muffins but theirs were jumbo and loaded in sugar. The toast was amazing. If you are ever looking for a healthy and not healthy place to eat in Chicago check this place out! Just look for the purple!

Every year Chicago brings all the popular vendors together in one park, for all the people to come and taste. This was my first year at the Taste of Chicago. 

Greasy food in 99 degree weather sounded awful, so steering away from the junk was already going well. Jeremy and I walked there to get some extra exercise and not even three blocks away we could smell the delicious food that awaited us. We bought $20 worth of tickets each and started our adventure.

Watermelon seemed to be the most popular treat yesterday and for many reasons. The watermelon was PERFECT for cooling off and re-hydrating in the Chicago heat, it was surprisingly cheap, it’s healthy and boy was it delicious! Instead of using 5 tickets for a bottle of water I bought 2 1/2 slices of watermelon for 6 tickets! What a deal. You can’t go wrong with watermelon in the summer. 

Healthy booth number two! Pazzo’s! I ordered the chopped salad. It was DELICIOUS. It reminded me of the salads I get at Chipotle. It had onions, avocado, romaine, corn , tomatoes and vinaigrette. 

We all wanted to eat at Chipotle last night. They topped my salad with a little bit of brown rice, fajita peppers, fresh tomato salsa, a little bit of cheese, corn salsa, and guacamole on the side. 

I ordered the shrimp Caesar salad with the dressing on the side and a side of steamed broccoli. By far one of the best Caesar salads I have had in a LONG time. 

Crumbs! Dessert sounded amazing and Crumbs is one of my favorite cupcake shops. My best friend Beth and I used to walk around East Hampton and stop at Scoop Du Jour just to get a crumbs cupcake. 

Jeremy hadn’t tried crumbs cakes yet and I felt like it was necessary. I ordered a small vanilla cupcake. Their normal sized cupcakes are HUGE and around 500 calories. The small ones are only 100 calories and the perfect size to treat my cupcake cravings. Jeremy ordered the cookies and cream (my favorite flavor).

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Friday night my brother and Karlee came to visit Jeremy and I in Chicago and for Lollapalooza. When they got here they were starving and we were too. We decided to walk around the town until we found a place that looked good. We stopped and read the menu at 20 different restaurants until everyone could make up their minds and agree on something. Finally we passed by Bd’s Mongolian Grill and all agreed on eating there. To start I made a salad with lettuce, shredded carrots, spinach, onion, cucumber, croutons, cottage cheese, bell peppers and fat free ranch on the side. The salad was so rich with flavor I barely needed the dressing. For my stir fry I had shrimp, peppers, pineapple, crab, onion, broccoli, sesame, egg whites and light soy. 

Yesterday Morning we stopped and walked around Navy Pier because Karlee had never been to Chicago before. From Navy Peir we took a cab to the Field Museum. We spent a couple hours walking around learning new things. I was fascinated by the dinosaurs and the room full of gems. I Wanted to take them all home! (The jewels not the dinosaurs)  We got tired of walking and needed a little wake me up, so we stopped at the Corner Bakery Cafe in the museum. I ordered an ice tea and an apple to snack on. I also brought raw almonds and dried mandarins. I always bring a to go snack in little baggies to save money and keep me from buying unhealthy food. I surprised when I saw tons of healthy options at the Corner Bakery Cafe. All the menu items had their nutritional information available. After we sat there for a while we got up and walked around a little more then went in and watched “Waking Up T-Rex” 

When we got home we relaxed a little bit then finished getting ready and went out to Dave and Busters for a fun night! I ordered the Mango Shrimp Skewers. This dish was on the 600 calorie or less menu. The shrimp was really good, but it would have been much better on a salad because it was way too salty. My brother ordered the same thing but had the apple pecan salad on the side. I had a bite and regretted not ordering it. We ended up playing games until midnight then decided to head home because Lollapalooza was early in the morning. 

I was way too lazy and hungry to cook dinner so we decided to stop at Potbelly’s for dinner. I ordered the  Vegetarian Chickpea Salad. It had chickpeas, blue cheese (I substituted Feta) lettuce, grape tomatoes, croutons, cucumber and onions. I had the vinaigrette on the side.  

I also Vegan Garden Vegetable soup on the side. This soup is now one of my favorites. It tasted kind of like minestrone from Olive Garden.

Road Trip Dinner Stop : I ordered all from the side menu. I had a house salad, cottage cheese and fruit! <3 I love building my own entrees with side options!

Last night after traveling in the car 6 hours I was super hungry. Panera Bread sounded amazing so we decided to stop there. I ordered the classic salad with the dressing on the side, a bowl of vegetable garden soup  ( which was amazing) and a fruit cup. 

If a restaurant has very few healthy options on the menu don&#8217;t hesitate to split a meal! This morning my friend and I split wheat toast and a vegetable breakfast skillet. I didn&#8217;t split my coffee though&#8230;and never will I ever!  

If a restaurant has very few healthy options on the menu don’t hesitate to split a meal! This morning my friend and I split wheat toast and a vegetable breakfast skillet. I didn’t split my coffee though…and never will I ever!  

The Breakfast House Cafe - Cedar Rapids

Road Trip Dinner Stop : I ordered all from the side menu. I had a house salad, cottage cheese and fruit! <3 I love building my own entrees with side options!

And that&#8217;s how you save room for dessert!

Potbelly’s have my FAVORITE salads! I always order the chickpea salad with fat free vinaigrette on the side.   

If I am going to go to McDonald’s. It has to be the ROCK N ROLL McDonald’s. Before heading home for the Holidays, Jeremy and I stopped at McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat. 

I ordered the Caesar salad with/out chicken. I chose the Caesar salad and used the lid to pour the dressing in. I still use the dip the fork method. I hardly used any dressing because its so rich. 

I also ordered a small coffee. I don’t like McDonald’s coffee at all but this was the only opportunity to order at the McDonald’s Cafe. They even had muffins. Mind-blown.  I ordered the Fruit n Walnut Salad. I never eat the walnuts because they are coated in sugar and unhealthy oils.