Undressed Skeleton — FAQ


Welcome to my F.A.Q page. I am working on building up this page to make my answers much easier to find. Please check back soon for answers. In the mean time, if you have a questions you’d like to see on this page, shoot me a tweet/email/ask and I’ll try my best to attach it. 

I am asked this question almost every day. I’m sure the name “undressed skeleton” doesn’t automatically convince your mind of a healthy weight loss blog. Good thing you are here. There are two meanings behind the word “skeleton”. The most common definition of the word skeleton is associated with the internal structure of a human being, which offers support to our inner and outer tissues and organs. The meaning behind the word skeleton in “Undressed Skeleton” refers to the secret hiding in my closet.  It means the “skeleton in my closet” that was kept hidden, because it was not socially acceptable.

This skeleton terrified me, just like the ones on Halloween night. It hid behind large sweatshirts, haunted my self-esteem and cried in silence. This evil skeleton held on to my confidence. It left me to feel embarrassed, insecure and powerless. It controlled me and damaged my ability to find the courage to defeat it.

In my bio, I mentioned the struggles of weight and facing society. I eventually found the courage to face my skeleton in the closet. I took back everything it took from me. I grabbed my: courage, happiness and strength leaving my “skeleton in the closet” undressed.  I no longer have this evil skeleton hanging around in my closet controlling my life. Facing the “skeleton in our closets” can be a challenge. It’s kind of like looking behind the shower curtain to see if anyone is hiding in the bathtub, when you are home alone. Undressing my skeleton took a huge weight off my shoulders, literally. 

1.  maryanatank asked you:

I think you are a beautiful person inside and out. I find you to be very inspirational! And it makes me mad when people say not nice things about you. How do you deal with mean comments or blog posts?

Answer: Thank you. Hey, it makes me made, too, but sometimes people do things behind a computer screen because they are afraid and unhappy in their own situations. I try to remember that the other person is dealing with something deep and brush it off. But, I’m also human so I don’t always deal with those mean comments or bashes in the classiest way. Sometimes when the fire is hot I keep adding flames when I should just pour water on it. I would say do what you feel is right. If someone is consistently bullying you on the internet, then speak up. Defending yourself is a right. If you can’t handle it yourself, then get someone else to. 

2. laruedelavie asked you:

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Answer: I absolutely love peanut butter and oreos! 

3. italian-fitandbeautiful asked you:

What do you think of protein powders? I’m vegetarian and wanna increase my muscle mass, should I use it? Thank you :3

Answer: You’ll find me saying this a lot in this post but I am not a nutritionist or any kind of professional in the field. Everything I blog about or say is based on my own personal experience. I absolutely love protein powders. I think it’s a great source of protein for vegetarian. I am pescetarian and don’t feel like eating eggs and fish all the time. That is why I drink a lot of protein shakes. It’s a great way to increase that muscle mass especially if you are incorporating weights into your workouts. 

4. chelseyjordain asked you:

Hi! Love your blog! I’m new to this healthy life style but I do enjoy going out with the girls and having a drink :)I was just wondering what are your healthy options for consuming alcohol if you are enjoying a night out?

Answer: I know a ton of people who life and carry on healthy lifestyles who enjoy a drink every now and then. It’s definitely how you balance it. I’m not a drinker. I used to be. I have maybe 5 glasses of wine a year. Try to avoid sugary alcoholic drinks and heavy beer. If you go on Pinterest, you can find a ton of light cocktails or drinks for your girls night out. 

5. vvaver asked you:

Have you ever suffered with an eating disorder?

Answer: This seems to be a pretty popular question. I mean it’s easy to look at someone who has lost weight and already assume they have an eating disorder. I get it. I don’t have an eating disorder. Have I ever suffered with body issues? Ever since I was a kid. I have never met someone who is 100% happy with their body. It’s how we choose to deal with those emotions that set us apart from having an eating disorder. The days I wake up and feel gross or bloated are treated like any other day. I don’t deprive myself or cry a river because my jeans are tight. Sure I’ll throw the hamper across the room screaming “grrrr” but I would never self harm myself by starving or purging. I’m way too selfish for that and I’ve seen way too many girls suffer from disorders. It’s scary and I would never wish that on anyone. Do I get pissed at myself for eating Oreos? no. Do I get pissed if I eat half the bag? Sure. I’m human. When I first started losing weight, I was focused on calories, fat, and everything else that factors in weight loss. But that is because that’s what everyone and my doctor had told me to watch. As I started to accept my body and learn how to deal with my new one, those factors flew out the door. I will admit I used to worry way too much about calories, but stopped counting calories over a year ago. I think that’s the best thing I’ve ever done. If I never would have accepted my body or continued to go down on the path I was taking, I could have potentially formed an eating disorder.

How did you and Jeremy meet and how did you come to the decision to move in together? 

Jeremy was friends with my older brother in high school and you know how that goes. Brothers friends are off limits. Jeremy and I officially “met” over Christmas break when he was home for the holidays. I was out with some friends at a Piano bar. We were all sitting around the table having a good time and the two of us ended up getting in a silly conversation about how we “hate” relationships and will never date anyone for the rest of our lives. You know those dumb one liners in books? “No one else existed in the room when I was talking to him” well…as dumb as it sounds; I kind of felt like that. He was just really silly and made me laugh. And his turquoise eyes were pulling me in. Those things are still dangerous. We ended up going out for lunch the next day, and I remember my face hurting that night from cheesing at his dumb jokes. Months had gone by and we continued our friendship. We would talk everyday for hours and hours. The crappy part? He lived two hours away. I was still hesitant of getting my heart broken from previously getting scared. I kept putting the whole “hanging out” with him off. But the fact that he never really got upset with me or gave up on me, led me to believe that he was different. The good kind. I finally drove up to Iowa City to visit. He took me to a hockey game and it was one of the funnest nights. I remember wanting to get closer or hold his hand. I realllllly liked him. After the hockey game we went to dinner. When we first met, the only thing he would eat was chicken fingers with mustard. Now he’s eating crab legs and muscles. He’s come a long way. After that weekend, I started going up more often, and he started coming home more. My parents adored him just as much as I did. After dating for several months, we decided to make it official. Jeremy and I had gone through the long distance relationships for too long. I was apart for months while being in New York, and when he got the job in Chicago, he wanted me to come. It was a time in my life where I was ready to make the move and I’m so happy that I did it. We really work well together.

 7. alicia y asked:

Besides the blog, do you contribute financially or does your partner support you? If he primarily is the breadwinner, how does he feel about it since there aren’t kids in the picture. Does it bother you to rely on him?

Answer: I don’t rely on Jeremy for anything other than love, support, an protection. Jeremy and I make decisions together about our financials but do our own thing. We were tired of paying for our place in Chicago when Jeremy’s company supplies him with living expenses. Together, we, made the decision to get rid our place in Chicago in order to save money for our future home. A lot of people are unfamiliar with the possibilities bloggers have. I understand  because I had no idea I could turn it into a career. So for it’s been successful. And if you feel like you have what it takes, then you should give it a shot. The money that I earn from blogging, online marketing, and other side projects such as photography, contributing, or reviews allow me to travel, buy clothes, healthy food, my car, my insurance, and everything else in my life. Jeremy is great at guiding me in the right direction when it comes to money. He’s the brains behind the stocks, saving, and anything else related to the matter. We talk about what my future goals are and work on bringing them to life as soon as we settle. So my life may look like a train wreck to some of you, but it’s actually beneficial to my future. 

8. kgirls09 asked you:

How much do you weigh?

Answer: This also seems to be a popular question. Truth is, I have no idea. And if I did know, I wouldn’t tell anyone. I don’t care what kind of blogger you are. Sharing your weight is dumb. I can’t believe I used to do it. Being low on a scale doesn’t make you better than anyone else. If anything it can trigger people who do have eating disorders into thinking they should be that number to look like you or like the girl in magazines. I stopped weighing myself when I learned to accept my body. That number is a piece of shit. You could work out hard and get on the scale and have it still be higher than the day before. Why? Because there is this thing called “muscle.” It’s sexy. But if I was worried about the number on the scale, then it would be impossible for me to actually have any muscle. I used to see girls comparing their weights with other girls and it drove me nuts. Not everyone looks the same at 130 lbs or 150 lbs. Weight doesn’t matter. If you want to keep track of your bodies changes then get a measuring tape and do yourself a favor by throwing that damn scale out the window. 

9. RachelDisqus asked you:

How many calories do you eat a day?

Another popular questions. I don’t count my calories. I talked about how I used to worry too much about them and I’m so much better off now. I do make sure I get more than 100 grams of protein a day and enough carbohydrates when I am working out. I eat when I’m hungry. I eat when I’m craving something. Sometimes if I’m not hungry, I eat higher calorie  foods like almonds, avocados, trail mix just to make sure I keep my intake up. Counting calories can actually set you up for failure. It’s important to learn your body from what it tells you rather than what the calorie calculator is telling you. 

10.  Melody Lame DickesDisqus asked you:

What do you think the best advice is for keeping a healthy lifestyle when you are surrounded by people who don’t necessarily follow a healthy diet and exercise routine. I feel like I am burdened by temptation 24/7 at work, school and home. I try to encourage people but it never sticks with them, which makes it hard for me to stay on track as well. Have you gone through this?

Answer: There are going to be challenges when obtaining a healthy lifestyle. This is where you can get selfish because you’re allowed to be. Go off and do your own thing. Go workout by yourself or bring your own healthy foods into work, school, or home. Sometimes it’s hard to encourage people who don’t want to make the change. It’s not for everyone. Just do it for you. The days Jeremy wants to eat at a burger joint, I let him. I’m not going to force him to eat the way I do, because he doesn’t force me to eat the way he does. If you have people nagging you to do something you don’t want to, it’s okay to voice your opinion and ask them for your support. That may help the situation, too. Plan ahead for temptation. 

What kind of Juicer do you use?

I use a Cuisinart CJE-1000

I am still learning how to cook. The more I practice, the more I get the hang of it. Going from preparing frozen pizza to cooking roasted vegetables didn’t happen overnight. When I was living at home, I took interest in my mom’s cooking. I spent more time watching her cook, helping her out and grocery shopping with her. Gradually, I started replacing some of her ingredients for healthier options. I started watching the Food Network every day, reading cook books and practicing. I still have my “fail” moments in the kitchen, but I am still inspired to learn more. Hopefully one day, I won’t have to look at a cook book or “Google” how to prepare something. A lot of great chefs have taught themselves how to cook, so right now I am in the “practicing” stage. 

Currently, I am using the Olympus PEN E-P3. I love how easy it is to use. I am not the most tech-savvy person, so it makes blogging much easier. I also like the photo style. Sometimes I am too lazy to charge the battery, grab my camera or I don’t have it with me, so I use my cell phone. The image quality is awful, but I add a couple hearts and it makes up for it.

It took me a little over a year to reach my “goal weight”, but I lost the weight in stages. The first month of my new lifestyle I lost a little over 20lbs. The weight dropped off much faster when I first started out, because I had more weight to lose. Water weight also played a huge factor on the scale that month. I lost an average of 6-7lbs a month. My doctor told me this was a healthy rate. Some months I hit plateaus and wouldn’t lose anything. When that happened, I had to switch up my work outs or change what I was eating. A healthy lifestyle takes patience when it comes to weight loss. You don’t want to lose it all in one month or it may not be permanent. It can also be dangerous to lose weight too fast. The last 10lbs were the hardest to lose. It took me about 5 months to lose them.  

You can contact me on: Twitter, via Email or Facebook. Sometimes I get a lot of emails and it’s hard to reply to all of them. Please don’t take offense. If I haven’t replied, please try again. Life can get pretty busy sometimes. If I were to answer every email ever sent, I’d have no life outside my computer.

Twitter Username: @Taralynnstweets

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Taralynn-McNitt/244023582299301?fref=ts

Instagram @taralynnmcnitt

When it comes to working out, I do what I love. I’m not into killing myself in the gym every day. I like workouts to be relaxing, fun and therapeutic. I enjoy: yoga, swimming, walking, Zumba, running and sports. Some may argue, but I consider mall walking as exercise. If I enjoy my workouts, then I won’t dread waking up to do them. I don’t like complaining as I’m walking out the door. I try to find new things that keep me outside and active. I try to make sure I am active for an hour every single day, no matter what it is. I love running and use it as a way to release anxiety. I like to ice skate, play tennis or sand volleyball. I’m not very good at lifting weights. I make sure to incorporate light weight lifting a couple times a week, because it’s healthy. 

To be honest, I don’t know for sure. I eat when I am hungry. I do make sure I fuel my body with healthy calories. I did the whole calorie counting for a couple months but it was frustrating. I found that it made me eat more and sometimes less. I let me body tell me how many calories I need to eat. I can eyeball when I am eating too few or too many. I make sure that I am getting enough to feel good. I don’t find it necessary to count the calories of : fruits, vegetables and yogurt. I think counting calories works in diets like weight watchers, but not in healthy lifestyles. I like to know the calorie content in my food to help me sense how many I am eating. 

Hopefully it’s obvious that I spend a lot of time on this blog. When I’m not on the computer working on the blog, I am in the kitchen cooking and taking pictures for my blog. I basically live 50% of my time during the day working on my blog. I really enjoy creating recipes, taking pictures and living healthy. In order for me to keep up with my blog, it does cost a lot of money.

My ads allow me to keep my blog free. It helps me buy groceries to create new recipes to share. The ads help me to continue my journey as a blogger. If you go to a lot of blogs or popular websites, you will notice ads just like mine. That is how they keep their websites free as well. It’s my way of living and helps me maintain my blog. 

This is a hard one. I’m not one to really care about “brands”. But I do have favorite stores because they carry more of my style.

Some of my favorite stores are : Windsor Store, J Crew, Gap, Ann Taylor, Forever 21, H&M, Vineyard Vines, Calypso, Victoria Secret, Heritage, Glamour Kills, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Lilly Pulitzer, American Eagle, Delias, Lauren Conrad/Kohls, Charlotte Russe, New York & Company, Juicy , Betsy Johnson…I should probably stop or I’ll be here all day. 

Gradually. If you rush into a new lifestyle, you don’t have time to make it natural. You won’t know which workouts you enjoy, or which healthy foods you like to eat overnight. It takes months before your lifestyle is in action. 

You should set up a game-plan for your new lifestyle.

  • Figure out your favorite health foods.
  • Experiment with different workouts.
  • Write down all your goals.
  • Learn how to balance your schedule with your new lifestyle.
  • Educate yourself on healthy options at restaurants.
  • Plan ahead when going out with friends/family. 
  • Don’t punish yourself if you fall off track, it’s a lifestyle not a diet. Lifestyle’s don’t have limits. Diets do. 
  • Treat yourself to prevent depriving. 

This definitely depends on what my schedule is like for the week. I also live with my boyfriend, so I’m buying groceries for one. I like to buy bulk, use coupons and shop according to  the season. I spend a little over $100.00 a week on groceries. That is without dining out. The weeks where I pick up food or go out to eat, I spend less. As a blogger, I don’t mind spending a little extra on groceries because I like to constantly try new things, and share my thoughts. I don’t mind buying “off-brand” either, I try to find the cheapest options, as long as they are healthy. Most people who eat out everyday spend more than $100.00 a week. I spend that much for 2 people. 

I love going out to eat. I love the challenge of finding the healthiest item on the menu. I also like dressing up or just getting out of the house. One thing I am guilty of is ordering the same thing at restaurants. Once I find something I like, I stick to it!  Check out my Dining Out Page!

Mr. Grumples is a Goldendoole. 

Yes. I am a human. 

Diets limit your food intake. Lifestyles don’t. When I eat unhealthy, I continue to eat healthy afterwords, or work out. I don’t get upset and quit. I eat unhealthy a couple times a week. I don’t go overboard. I eat in moderation. If I want an ice cream cone when I am out walking the town, then I deserve it. You should never eat an entire tub of ice cream as a way of treating yourself. Moderation is key. If you don’t eat unhealthy once in a while, then you will deprive yourself. Depriving yourself can lead to serious binging. 

I am 5’8.