Undressed Skeleton — Travels!


Welcome to my “random travels” page! Here, you will find all of my trips and eats!

I spent over thirteen hours traveling yesterday and eleven hours last week. I am so happy it’s over for a while. Traveling back won’t be so bad because I’ll have Jeremy with me. But traveling alone? So boring! 

Yesterday morning I wrote a post about being ready way too early. I wish I would have fallen back asleep instead of starting the day. I forgot how the time change would affect me. At least I got to spend a little extra time with Mr. Grumples. 

He gave me the guilt trip look all the way to the airport. 

I got to the airport at 10 am and picked up some magazines in the gift shop. I can’t wait to try out most of the recipes in the Food Network Magazine! I also picked up a bag of mixed nut and dried fruit. I love the Sunkist blend because it’s so natural without all the extra salty flavors most blends have. 

I landed in Las Vegas at One pm. Such a tease. I was contemplating on escaping the airport for a while, but going through security again sounded awful. I had a five hour layover which gave me enough time to lose $30 on a slot, buy burnt overpriced coffee, and help a cute old man get across the airport in a wheel char. 

I ended up dumping out the coffee and grabbing a pumpkin spice latte from the coffee shop. I’m not a huge fan of coffee shop coffee, gas station coffee, or any other coffee other than my own home brew. I like espresso drinks, tho! 

An hour before my flight, I bought pretzels and hummus. Those little hummus and pretzel packs give you about ten little pretzels and a giant amount of hummus. Not sure who uses that little pretzels for that much hummus so I bought vegetables to use up the rest. 

I landed in Phoenix at 6:30 pm! The flight was gorgeous. I couldn’t stop looking out the window! 

Jeremy and I walked down Old Town Scottsdale for a while and then had dinner at Olive Garden. I may have eaten over 1000 calories in nuts, but I was ready for some real comfort food! I was super hungry! I had salad, soup, and pizza! Olive gardens pizza is my favorite. I wish I had leftovers but I ate the whole thing:) I did have a glass of wine (what?!) It’s true. After all of that traveling, I just needed a refreshing drink other than water. Nothing wrong with a glass of wine. And Olive Garden’s Riesling is wonderful.  

I did convince Jeremy to go out to Sushi with me tonight! I’m looking forward to that. I need to convert him. 

I slept like a baby last night. The wine helped. I had to force myself to fall back asleep when I woke up at 4 am thinking it was 7 am Detroit time. 

I grabbed a cup of coffee and went out on a walk to enjoy the early morning sunrise and the fresh Arizona air. I can truly get used to this. 

I will be staying in a hotel for the next four weeks. I see a lot of dining out an hotel breakfast in the future. I am still following my half marathon plan and excited to run in the Arizona weather rather than Detroit’s.


Thank goodness the drive I have been dreading is over! 

I made the drive from Detroit to Iowa yesterday. (10 hours). I’m dropping my dog off with my parents before I fly to Phoenix Saturday. 


We left around 8:30 in the morning. We hit some traffic in the beginning but had a smooth route for the rest of the trip. Mr. Grumples is used to traveling a lot. I make a giant bed in the front seat and he sleeps most of the time. Frequent belly rubs is the trick. 


I brought some healthy snacks on the drive! It’s beneficial to pack a cooler and bring your own snacks during road trips. You can save a lot of money avoiding restaurants and gas station stops. Plus fresh fruit is much safer when you buy and wash it at home.


During my first gas station stop, I grabbed a quick snack from my cooler. I mixed up some almonds, fruit, and yogurt while my tank was filling. 


How delicious does that look? The almonds are a great source of protein and healthy fats. The berries are rich with antioxidants and the yogurt is high in protein. The little parfait is a great energy source for a road trip. 


Road trips in the fall are beautiful. The scenery is changing and everything is so colorful. 


Hours later, we made it to good ole Iowa! But we still had 4 hours to go. 


I packed a Luna Fiber bar for another snack. These are by far my favorite out of all the protein, fiber, or breakfast bars. If a muffin and a pop tart had a baby, it would be this bar! They are only 110 calories, too. I always keep these in the house. 


For the rest of the trip, I continued to snack on berries and almonds. I knew my mom was going to make a delicious dinner, so I wanted to save room! 


Driving in Iowa is pretty boring. Literally nothing but fields, tractors, and flat fields. But I love it. We made it home around five. (I made good time & gained an hour)


I wasn’t sure how to put everything in one post. There is too much to cover! I still have post from weeks back I need to write up. I’m going to take it day by day and post as much as I can. I apologize for the order or post, but that is what happens when you get behind! And when you are still in a Vegas coma, words are much harder to get out! 


I woke up at 3 am Detroit time on Thursday to get ready for our flight to Vegas. I was so excited. I could hardly sleep. I couldn’t even sleep on the plane! I bought a couple magazines to keep me entertained. If you haven’t read the new Food Network Magazine for October…you’re missing out! The new Fitness Magazine is alright, but way 75% advertisements….


We stopped in Denver Colorado for a couple hours before getting on the flight to Vegas. I had a cup of coffee and trail mix from Caribou to give me a little energy boost. 


We arrived in Las Vegas 11 am Vegas time. I was so ready to run up to the room and start the day! I think Vegas pumps oxygen into the air. I slept a total of 9 hours the entire trip and never felt extremely tired. 


Jeremy and I stopped and ate lunch at the hotel’s buffet. Our group wasn’t going to be here for a couple more hours so we had time to kill. We were also hungry because of the time differences! 

(I had fruit, shrimp and cucumber salad, salmon, and roasted vegetables)


After lunch we walked around Fremont Street. Jeremy and I usually stay on the main strip, so staying on Fremont Street was new and exciting. We lucked out, too! When we booked our room, there were only Rush Tower Suites left. Since everyone was staying at the Golden Nugget, we had to suck it up and reserve the suite. We had access to all the V.I.P lounges, the spa, and had complimentary service. They even left chocolates on our pillows at night. I’m glad we didn’t stay on the strip because of all the I Heart Radio madness! Fun fact about me; I don’t like concerts unless it’s country. 


Our room had a gorgeous bathroom, a couch, and a kick ass view! I could live here! 


Our room also came with a Keurig! Woo hoo! 


I loved the style of the hotel. I’d definitely model my home after it. 

Usually hotels charge you an arm and leg for the Fiji water…not in our room! It was complimentary. You better believe I guzzled them down! 

Around five we went down to the lobby to meet the group and go out for the night! I wore my really old dress from express and dressed it up with gold accents. You can kind of tell my eyes wanted to sleep but my mind wanted to go hard! I tell you; it’s the oxygen in the air!


We had dinner at the D diner and sat around for a several hours cracking up and driving everyone else in the restaurant crazy, but, hey! It’s Vegas. 

(I ordered the shrimp Caesar salad!)


After dinner we hung out around Fremont street going in and out of casinos, playing blackjack, and dancing! The night was low key, but incredibly fun! 


Our Suite had an AWESOME snack bar! When I got back to the room I snacked on some nuts, chocolate covered raisins, and peanut m&m’s. I was ready for bed because the next day had an early start! 

Sorry about the delay on part two! I had to drive to Dayton Ohio on Monday and didn’t get back until last night. I am so excited to have my doggy back! Thankfully my brother and his girlfriend watched him while I was in Vegas. 

Day two was a blast! I woke up at sunrise and decided to head up to the spa to use the fitness center. I grabbed a handful of mixed nuts and an apple to have before the workout.  It was completely empty, so I had first pick with the equipment. I watched the Food Network while finishing a 9k. It felt great! I finished off the workout with a 20 minute weight session. 

After showering off and getting ready for the day, I decided to sit down and  gamble a little while having my morning coffee. Coffee never tasted better! I put $5 in a slot machine and turned it into $107 in ten minutes. I was on fire. I decided to take that money and play blackjack with it. Lets just say…blackjack is my new best friend. I ended up sitting at a table for four hours! 

After getting carried away playing blackjack, I headed up to the pool deck. Our group rented three day beds on the rooftop pool. The view was phenomenal and we loved having the service. 

After spending all day at the pool, I tapped out and went to the room to relax a while. I needed a little down time if I was going to make it out with everyone. 

I sat up in the room and snacked on some complementary trail mix, apples, and had a cup of coffee. 

After relaxing for an hour, I got up and ready for the night.

Our group took a couple cabs down to city center for dinner and a night out on the strip. We decided to have dinner at Aria’s buffet. What’s Vegas without a buffet?

I started off with a salad. (I know who would have thunk it?) Their vegetables were so crunchy and fresh. The sauteed vegetables were spot on. I could eat there for every meal. 

My second plate had more sauteed vegetables, salmon, cod, guacamole, macaroni, roasted potatoes, fruit, egg, and crab legs. 

The dessert bar was awesome! I went with the pistachio gelato and it literally tasted like crushed up pistachios. I had a cookie, a crisp and Oreos on top! 

As you can see our table had a lot of glasses for only eleven people. We hung out little after dinner and just had a laughing fest. 

After leaving the Aria we headed down the strip. I love the strip at night. 

Cosmopolitan was our next stop. We had some awesome dancers in the group…

This was one of my favorite moments of the night. Jeremy was dancing with a lady and when he turned around a big guy with a cigar excused himself in. Lets just say, Jeremy had an awesome reaction when he turned around to see who he was twerking on. 

And of course us ladies had to take a photo in the shoe! 

I also had to photo bomb the guy who fell asleep on the party slot machine. 

After leaving the Cosmopolitan we walked the strip (Jeremy had a dance fest)and headed back to Fremont street. We stayed up until three gambling and just hanging out! Vegas is always a blast! 


Day three my body was starting to catch up with my exhaustion. But, it was the last night out and the night we had been planning all trip. We had a V.I.P/private lounge reserved on the rooftop bar overlooking the gorgeous city of Vegas! We spent all day at the pool and the sun absorbed a lot of my energy. I don’t know how some people do it! 


Around nine we all met in the hotel lobby for a  night out on the town! We rented a limo and headed over to the Palms celebrity style ;) 

Oh and the shoes are from Windsor Store! (some of you were asking)


We all had a nice dinner at the N9NE Italiano restaurant. I had a Caesar salad and shared calamari, bread, and a couple sides with the group. I would have taken a photo, but it was way too dark in there. They do that so the city lights are more clear. It really is a scenic restaurant! 


In order to have a reserved V.I.P spot, we had to rack up a bill over 1k. So we just bought three bottles of Grey Goose vodka at $300 a piece. How do they sleep at night? Do you know how many handbags I could buy with that!? 


We spent the night dancing and having a good time. Our flight was leaving at eleven and we had to be at the airport at nine so we took off at 1 am and let the group party on. 


I woke up early, took a shower, and headed down to the casino for one last hurrah! 


This was the first time I was not in the mood for coffee. I guzzled two bottles of water, packed the bags, woke Jeremy up, and took off for the airport. The line for security and check in was a mile long. Thank god for the A-lister. Skipping those lines is the best part. 


I was super hungry. I grabbed a Baja salad at Wendy’s and gave Jeremy my chili. I ran into the little shop and grabbed an Oikos yogurt for some extra protein. 


On the plane I had their complementary crackers and pretzels. Oh and that’s my new bag I bought with my morning winnings :)


We arrived in Detroit at six PM. Our flight was an hour and a half late because of all the air traffic. It took us about one hour of walking the parking garage to find our car. I will never be on the Amazing Race, ever! 


When I got home, I was craving something warm and comforting. We didn’t have a lot of groceries in the house so I had to use what we had. I  made a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, pumpkin butter, pomegranate almond butter, almonds, and chocolate chips. But that wasn’t the end of my travels. I still had to drive four hours to go pick up my dog the next day!


After leaving Vegas, I had drive down to Dayton Ohio to pick up my puppers! My brother, TC and his girlfriend Karlee took care of him while I was gone. 

On the way down I was starvin’ like Marvin. (Does anyone know who Marvin is?) I grabbed some heart healthy mix peanuts and downed the bag on the drive. I love that nuts have healthy fats, protein, and quick energy calories.

I got there around five and after a one hour hyper fest with the dog, we went out for Sushi. I love going out for Sushi with TC and Karlee because no one else in my family will eat it. They are literally sushi pros. 


We went to Saki in Dayton Ohio. They have half off sushi rolls! Can’t beat that. After enjoying some garden salad with ginger dressing and miso soup we ordered a huge platter of sushi! Tc and Karl were teaching me all the sushi tricks and how to hold the chop sticks. I still suck. I ended up stabbing the lettuce. 

On the platter we had:spicy tuna rolls, spicy salmon rolls, California rolls, Hawaiian rolls, Hamachi. My favorite were the spicy tuna rolls and Hawaiian rolls. 


We were stuffed after all those rolls. We only had a couple to eat later during New Girl! After sushi we walked around the outdoor mall had had tea from Panera. 

Early in the morning, Grumps and I played some Xbox with coffee and then went for long walk. 

I had yogurt, nuts, and banana for breakfast. (and toast with almond butter, but I ate it before taking a picture) 

Karlee and I took a trip to Kroger to pick up some things for salads. T.C. got home around noon and we all had lunch together. I made them my sweet potato fries that I am obsessed with! The salad had: tomato, egg, carrots, corn, lettuce, hummus, mixed nuts, cranberries, cucumber, and a side of vidalia onion. 


My last post about being on the road was when I was on my way to Georgia. This post is bittersweet. I don’t want to leave Georgia but I’m ready for some consistency again. I miss my juicer, my blender, and my bed. After spending the week in Valdosta Georgia, we are heading back to Michigan. We had an amazing time. Jeremy was there working on a hospital an I tagged along. That’s the beauty of working for yourself. I have some recipes, workouts, and other post to share with you from when I was down there, but I thought I’d share my road trip with you first. We are only halfway there! I’m writing from Tennessee :) 

If you want to experience my road trip with me, follow me on instagram! 



After packing up the bags, eating breakfast, going on a run, walking the dog, and cleaning I was ready to hit the road! Sometimes it’s relaxing. When I’m sitting at home, I feel like I need to be doing something 24/7. In the car, I don’t feel that way. 

About two hours into the trip, I stopped at a gas station (Pilot) and grabbed a hazelnut coffee. I added my own unsweetened almond milk. I brought some two mom’s in the raw bars to snack on during the trip too. 


Three hours later we were in a traffic jam in Atlanta. What a surprise! I don’t miss those jams. Luckily I had my delicious lollipop to take my mind off it. I’m such a kid. Sometimes I get candy cravings and I always turn to lollipops instead of hard candy. It’s easier to chew and keep popping those little candy pieces into your mouth. With lollipops, you get to enjoy it longer and most likely satisfy your sweet tooth before going back for more. I do this at the movie theater too. 


Around four, I was pretty hungry. I stopped at a gas station and grabbed some pistachios and a iced coffee to get me through. We had about two hours left of driving. Pistachios are a great gas station snack because they have protein. They are low carb and provide healthy fats. They keep you full and it’s a much better option than most of the gas station snacks. This bag was only 140 calories. They are perfect for that special time of month..ladies…


When we got to our hotel, we were super hungry. I drove across the street to Kroger and picked up some things for the room. I bought Jeremy chicken wings, all natural sweet potato chips, and salsa. He’s still on Paleo.

I had a large salad with Vietnamese summer rolls and sweet potato chips! Later in the night I had a Greek yogurt to boost that protein up. Theses Vietnamese rolls have become a favorite of mine. Now when I get back I need to make my own! And of course blog it! 


(Pet Owner Tips For Traveling) 

Don’t worry! I didn’t forget Mr. Grumples. He is the best cuddle buddy on road trips. A while back, Grumps was a horrible traveler. He used to pant, climb all over, and shake.  He isn’t crate trained because he is absolutely terrified of small spaces. He can’t even be in a room with the door closed. Luckily he is wonderful in the house. He doesn’t destroy anything, get into anything, or drink from the toilet bowl. We can have food on the counter and leave it there for a week without him touching it.

 After going on numerous car rides with him, his anxiety went away. It’s important to frequently take small trips with your dog. Take him to places like the dog park or pet co. This will help him correlate the car with positive outcomes. I make sure to wear a sweatshirt and keep the air conditioner on high for him. He sleeps better in the cool air. I build a giant bed in the back with his doggy bed, tons of pillows and bring some of his favorite toys. I keep his food in a clothes container, and bring a traveling water bowl to make sure he stays hydrated. I try really hard not to drive at night because the lights scare him and cause a little anxiety. I also stop every two hours and walk him around for about five minutes just in case he is cramped or needs to stretch. It’s important to pay attention to your dogs needs if you are going to bring them on long road trips. Grumps is 80 lbs so I can’t put him on an airplane. That is why we drive a lot. There are a bunch of hotels that are pet friendly like La Quinta, The Hyatt, and Drury Inn! 

If you want to follow Grumps on the road trip, you can follow his Instagram! :) 


This morning I made myself coffee in the hotel room. I used the my almond milk as a creamer. I also had a Chobani with carrot and orange juice mixed it! 

I’m about to pack up and get on the road again! Luckily it’s Jeremy’s turn to drive today :) I can sit back and read my book. 

It feels so good to be off the road! Waking up to my normal routine this morning felt awesome! Before I forget, I wanted to share my road trip part two post with you! I’ll make it really quick and straight to the point! 

Sunday morning I woke up around five. My sleeping schedule was off, but I didn’t mind. That way I could sleep more in the car because it was Jeremy’s turn to drive. Car rides get so boring and the best way to make the time fly is…sleep. 

I woke up pretty hungry, so I started on my coffee and had a Greek yogurt with carrot and orange juice mixed in. I also brought my own almond milk to cream up my coffee. 

Around nine in the morning, I headed down to grab breakfast. Jeremy was still sleeping so I sat down there reading my book. Hotel breakfast actually offer a ton of healthy options. The hard part is saying no to the bad ones. You know which ones I’m talking about! The waffle maker, sugary donuts, or muffins! It’s okay to have that stuff now and then, but I was craving a healthy breakfast to get me through the day. Healthy breakfast also keep me full longer. If I would have turned to the sugary donuts, I’d be hungry an hour later and that’s no good on the road! 

I went with a class of coffee, 1/2 a banana, an apple, plain oatmeal prepared in water, and peanut butter on top! 

After being on the road for several hours, we got super hungry! 

Surprise! Surprise…we stopped at Wendy’s. I was so bummed that they didn’t have their berry almond salad! It was just seasonal..ahhh foooey. But, I had their apple pecan instead! I added croutons and and stole Jeremy’s cheese because he is on Paleo. I threw the cherry tomatoes out the window because those are death bombs to my mouth! Yuck!

Grumples was happy because he got my chicken and a big bowl of water! 

Three hours later we made it to Cincinnati. I was so ready to be home! 

Jeremy and I opened a bag of apple and sweet potato chips and snacked away to hold us over until I could run home and make a trip to the grocery store!

I know this post was all over the place and most likely made little sense but it’s over!:) Have a great week! 


I could hardly sleep Saturday night. I was so anxious to get up and head to Georgia. It’s one of the best places on earth. Normally we would just fly somewhere, but we wanted to take Mr. Grumples. He’s a little too big for a plane.

I woke up at 6 am on Sunday to walk the dog and packed my bags, Jeremy’s bags, Grumples bags, and loaded up the car! That took about three hours. Going up and down  the three flights of stairs with suitcases and other random stuff was definitely a workout. Jeremy slept through it all which is incredible because I am not the most quite person. 


I always pack a cooler with road trip snacks. It’s a great way to use up the produce so it doesn’t go bad while I’m away. I stuffed my cooler with: roasted red pepper hummus, vegetables, oranges, hard boiled eggs, larabars, a sunflower seed and enjoy life chocolate chunk mix. 

I brought a breakfast smoothie with me to start out the drive. It had : 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 3 cups ice, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1 packet stevia, 1 cup water, 1/2 cup wheat grass, 1 cup kale, and 1 serving Genisoy Plain protein powder. 


After four hours in the car, my energy started to go down. I turned to the cooler! 


I (and Mr.. grumples) snacked on the vegetables and hummus. It’s the perfect road trip snack because it’s not messy. I normally don’t use plastic baggy’s anymore but I used all my containers to store some produce in the refrigerator. I do re-use them tho! 


It started to get dark around 8 pm and we were getting hungry. The snacks weren’t cutting it. I went to my road trip go-to…Wendy’s! I always get their berry almond salad and give my chicken to Grumples. I did top my salad with the egg whites for protein. Jeremy is on Paleo so Wendy’s had options for him. 


Around 11 pm, I needed an energy fix. I was getting so tired and we still had four more hours to go! I dove into my chocolate and sunflower seed mix! We finally made it to Southern GA around 1:30 am. I couldn’t be more happier! Now it’s time to go stock up the house with fresh farmers market produce! 

I have officially made it to Michigan. I am still sad about leaving the south. I have a strong feeling I’ll be back there for good one day. I still have mixed feelings about Michigan. I am trying to be open minded. It’s more of the “cold” factor that I turn my head to. People talk pretty highly about Michigan, so there must be something I’ll like here. I’ll only be here for about six months so I better make the best of it. 

Wednesday afternoon we started to load the U-haul. It took us about four hours to carry things down three flights of stairs. I thought it’d be cool to see how many calories I burned while loading the truck. Just in the first twenty minutes I burned 189 calories. Carrying things up and down the stairs with extra weight in your hands really boost that heart rate! After four hours of loading (with a couple breaks) I burnt 900 calories. That made up for all the lack of exercise I did last week. 

We left Wednesday night. Our trip was long. We made a little detour to Chicago to take care of a couple things. Jeremy drove the U-haul and I followed behind him. He could only go 65 miles an hour which made the trip take forever. We had a couple “only in the movies” incidents that made the trip all worth it. Like dragging “dead bodies” into the woods kind of incidents…more about that later. 

Around two am we checked into a hotel to get some sleep and recharge for the drive the next day. 

In the morning while Jeremy was sleeping in, I woke myself up with some hotel coffee, a couple of hard boiled eggs I brought with me and some Vega One savi seeds. To hold me over until lunch, I had a couple freezer dried fruit packets. I bought these at Whole Foods before the trip. The apple ones are good but the tangerines would be better on a salad or paired with something else. 

For lunch we stopped at Wendy’s. They have a really good berry almond chicken salad. I ordered my chicken on the side and gave it to Grumples. (I am pescetarian) This is forever by my go to salad if I have to eat fast food. It was really good! 

Traveling is so boring. Especially when you are the only one in the car. I bought a couple books on CD to keep me entertained. How nerdy is that?  

Around five we stopped to get gas. I was getting pretty hungry at this point so I grabbed an apple and a fiber bar. I know those are not the best for clean eating, but sometimes you have to make do with little options. I keep organic lemon wipes in my car. I used those to wash the apple. Never eat unwashed gas station fruit. 

Around with we finally made it to Chicago. We got stuck in traffic and it took us an hour to get downtown. After doing a couple things int he city we headed to Bolingbrook IL to stay with our friends. I was so tired that I had a Vega One protein bar,  a bowl of savi seeds and passed out. 

The next morning I had some coffee, a Vega one bar, and puffed kamut for breakfast. I was ready to get the trip over with. We took off around 10 am. 

For lunch, we stopped at Jimmy Johns. I LOVE Jimmy Johns. I ordered the vegetarian sandwich on wheat with no mayo and extra peppers. Jeremy and I also split a bag of chips. 

The sandwich was so filling that I couldn’t finish. I saved the other half to eat on the road. 

We got to Detroit around 5 pm and immediately started to unload the truck and bring everything into the apartment. Again our apartment was on the third floor. I was drained. Now that the internet guy has cooked up our cables I can catch up on some blogging. 

Now, who is going to help me move everything out in six months?…


If it’s one thing that I’ve learned, five am rolls around way too soon! My time in Iowa came to and end yesterday. My parents and I road tripped back to Michigan. They are heading to New York to visit family on Monday, so they thought they’d drop me off on the way. Saves me a plane ticket! And I love spending time with them. 


There were zero groceries in the house because we were heading to of town. We didn’t want anything to go to waste in the house, so I had to pick up some healthy choices for breakfast at the gas station. 

My mom and I grabbed yogurt, fruit, and some granola bars. Now, I understand that these aren’t the “healthiest” of the granola bars or yogurt, but when you have limited options available, you have to settle. It’s still much healthier than raiding the doughnut case or candy bars. 


This road trip was really slow. Mostly because my dad drives the speed limit. Not one mile over. I devoured myself in music, books, and annoying my dad with loud obnoxious singing and dancing. A couple times he threatened to throw me out of the car. I really act my age; can’t you tell? 


Around one we were pretty hungry, so we stopped at my favorite road trip fast food place…Wendy’s. They have the best salads. Seriously. I order the berry almond chicken salad with croutons and raspberry vinaigrette. I order the chicken on the side and give it to my dog. I am also a fry thief. 


Hours later we arrived in Michigan. We were all super hungry and tired of sitting, so Jeremy and I walked to a seafood restaurant with my mom and dad. We ordered a seafood starter that had: crabby cheese mushrooms (ew, won’t touch mushrooms), beer battered jumbo shrimp, mussels, and fried calamari. Last night was the first time trying a mussels. They tasted like fishy bubble gum. They weren’t my favorite, but not terrible. 


I decided to treat myself to a stack of snow crabs! The meal also came with a starter salad. This was one large feast. After the appetizers, numerous iced teas, and salad I could only eat half of the stack. I’ll be digging int he leftovers later.

Today Jeremy and I are taking my parents out on a fishing trip to catch northern pike and muskie! It’s going to be a competition, so I’ll keep you updated! 


Saturday, Jeremy and I drove to Jacksonville beach to golf and spend some time on the beach before we head to Detroit next month.


After golfing, we stopped to have dinner. We always choose buffets because there are so many options. I always go for the healthy plate first to fill up.


My next plate is still healthy, but I add some extra foods like pizza, macaroni and baked beans. I always save room for dessert. Its hard to say no, and after spending all day in the sun, I deserved it. I had soft serve ice cream topped with a chocolate chip cookie and gummy bears…whoops.  After dinner Jeremy and I took a four mile walk with our dog on the beach. 


Early morning after breakfast, we went to collect seashells and run on the beach for a fun workout. We took Mr. Grumples and he LOVED it. 


On the way home, we stopped for some food at Subway. I ordered the Veggie Delight with: spinach, lettuce, bell pepper, banana pepper, onion, tomato, croutons, and cucumber. I bought a bag of apple slices and a bag of apple chips to go on top. For the dressing, I had them put sweet onion in a container to go. It’s the only kind I like from Subway. Overall this salad was pretty awesome! 

After indulging in my mom’s home cooking and Jeremy’s mom’s Twinkie cake, I am ready to get back on track. My only problem with vacations and road trips is taking my cravings with me  when I return home. It’s fine to treat yourself on trips with unhealthy foods you normally wouldn’t eat, as long as you can jump right back on the healthy wagon afterwards. Eating an entire tub of ice cream on vacation might be a little overboard, but diving into a hot fudge Sunday is a well deserved treat if you practice a clean diet and active life on normal days. 

After eating like crap, I like to cleanse my body with clean food and nutrient rich meals to detox my body from the junk. Because I tend to take my cravings home with me after vacation, this cleanse will help me get back on track. This isn’t a dangerous cleanse or calorie restriction cleanse. I couldn’t imagine eating apples and sipping on green tea for a week.  It’s three days of completely clean eating and exercise to help me get back on my healthy lifestyle. 

Don’t feel guilty or discouraged after indulgences.  Everything is reversible. If you gain a couple pounds on a trip, who cares? Don’t get discouraged and go in the wrong direction. Pick yourself back up and get back on track. 

I made sure to eat as healthy as possible on my 20 hour drive home yesterday. Eating healthy on the road is hard. The drive is so boring and there isn’t much to think about other than your stomach. I didn’t pack much before the trip as I usually do. I had to make gas stations and fast food stops work. 

We took off around five am to head to Georgia. I scarfed down two cups of coffee and four large egg whites with my parents before we hit the road. A couple hours down the road, I stopped to get gas. I was hungry, so I bought a light yogurt and a cup of fruit at a gas station. I found that if you choose gas stations that are connected to grocery stores, they have fresh options. The grocery stores usually send over the fruit or vegetables for their coolers. And if you don’t mind eating day old fruit, it’s much cheaper. 

A couple hours later, I grabbed a peach that was hiding in the bottom of my travel bag from the day before. Sounds delicious right? 

Our next gas station stop was around 11 am. Surprisingly this gas station had Chobani yogurt and bananas. I grabbed both. Choosing high protein and fiber snacks is a great choice. The two keep you full and energized longer. 

Plain Chobani isn’t meant for eating by itself, so I cut up the bananas and mixed in my Aronia Berry Puree. I didn’t think twice before I left the gas station and forgot a spoon. The only thing I had was a straw. Jeremy had fun watching me try to eat this…

After passing over a 100 billboards with: Mcdonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby’s, Long John Silvers restaurant signs, I thought we’d never find something semi-healthy to eat. Jeremy were both trying to eat better after the weekend. I  was tempted just to pick up a bunch of items from the gas station. Finally we came to a little town in Missouri that had a Panera Bread…score! 

I ordered the pick two and a fruit cup. For one of my picks, I ordered the classic salad with the Asian dressing on the side…even though they gave me balsamic ;) I’m not one to go back and ask for what I ordered. I use to work at a cafe when I was in high school and every time someone came back to point out that I made a mistake, I felt bad. I promised myself to never do that to others. Their balsamic is really good anyways. 

For my other pick, I chose the Mediterranean veggie. Instead of the tomato basil bread, I had them put it on wheat because it has more fiber. This sandwich was delicious. I want to make my own version for dinner sometime.

I finished off the night with a garden salad and a bag of trail mix. I fell asleep around ten after Jeremy took over the wheel and woke up south Georgia around 1 am.  

For the next three days, I am going to start my morning with a protein smoothie and an egg white omelet with vegetables. To get my caffeine fix, I had a cup of coffee with 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk and 1 packet Stevia. 

For fiber and protein, I made an egg white omelet. I used four egg whites, spinach, squash and seasoned it with garlic powder, black pepper and onion powder.

For lunch, I’m going to make another protein smoothie with a spinach salad. My salad will have: 3 cups spinach, 1 large orange bell pepper, raw almonds, poppy seed dressing, fresh cooked shrimp, blackberries, snap peas and edamame.

I am a huge snacker, so I put together a bunch of snack ideas. I want to keep everything fresh, high fiber, and nutrient packed. I am also going to make sure to drink a lot of water. I like to squeeze lemon in my water for natural flavor. 

This cleanse has no limits to “how much” you can eat. If I’m hungry, I’ll eat. If I’m full, I won’t. It’s about listening to your body. 

For dinner, I am going to have two large servings of vegetables, one serving of lean protein and a starchy vegetable. Starchy vegetables always help my late night sweet cravings go away. They also provide energy for my light night workouts. I will most likely have a bowl of berries and almonds later in the night when I get hungry, instead of my usual dark chocolate chips and popcorn. 

The number one thing to push me back on track, exercise! Here is what my three day exercise routine will look like with this cleanse. 

I plan on continuing this cleanse for the next three days. Then returning to my normal healthy living lifestyle. 

I’m back! I feel like I haven’t blogged in a long time, but it’s only been a few days. I guess it’s fair to say I have an addiction to my blog. There are worse addictions out there, so no complaining. 

Jeremy and I headed to Florida for the weekend to soak up a little sun and relax. 

The best thing about hotels…free breakfast!

It’s hard finding healthy options when most hotels only serve: bagels, waffles and donuts. But if you look beyond the pastries, you’ll find a couple healthier options. I opted for the hard boiled eggs for protein, apples and peanut butter for healthy fats and fiber and a yogurt for some calcium and protein. 

After breakfast, we headed down to the beach! I was in serious need of some color. 

The weather was perfect. I get bored laying out, so that lasted about fifteen minutes before I took Grumples for a walk along the beach. 

Around three we headed back to the hotel to relax and re-fuel up. I downed three little cups of coffee, then watched the food network for a couple hours. Jeremy slept, otherwise I’d be stuck watching sports. 

Later in the day, we headed out for more exploring. We watched a guy catch a snapper off the pier.  It was the saddest thing but cute at the same time. The little old man kissed the fist, then threw it back. 

We dropped Grumples back off at the hotel, then headed out for dinner. Our dinner was at a cute little grill on the beach. We made it just in time for the sunset. 

By this point, we were starving! We snacked on chips and salsa before our meals came out. I ordered an ocean salad that came with: romaine, grilled shrimp, tomatoes, avocado, croutons, Parmesan cheese, coconut and pineapple. It was delicious and beautiful. I was bummed that my camera died before I could take a picture :(

We woke up super early on Sunday to spend the day at the beach before heading back to Atlanta. 

For breakfast I had: three hard boiled eggs with syrup drizzled on top, yogurt with raisin brand, and a slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter. This picture was taken while my bread was in the toaster. (hence the missing bread) 

This was Grumples first time on the beach. He LOVED it. 

At the end of the day, he was one tired pup!

My parents brought me bags of fresh fruit from Iowa while they visited in Atlanta. I packed up all the fruit in bags and brought it to the beach with us to snack on. 

We had such a fun little weekend getaway. Unfortunately it all happened so fast! I apologize for such a unorganized blog post, but the weekend was a relaxing blur. 

We headed back in the afternoon and arrived back in Atlanta around nine. I crawled back in bed and fell asleep like a baby. We were so tired we left all our luggage and bags in the car. 

I love vacations, but getting back on my regular routine is always nice. I started my day with a refreshing smoothie before picking up some groceries for the house :) Smoothie: 1 cup ice, 1 cup sparkling water, 1 packet truvia, 5 baby carrots, 1 grapefruit, 1 cup spinach, 1 tsp vanilla, 1/2 cup pineapple :)

Everyone needs a road trip snack! Here is what I packed…

Everyone needs a road trip snack! Here is what I packed…

Quick Gas Station Find: Hard Boiled Eggs and Grapes!


So it’s the night before my vacation. I want to make sure I pack accordingly. I packed what was most important first that way I made sure it fit.

First on the list:

Tennis Shoes.

Two pairs of work out shorts.

Workout Tank and T-shirt.

My Ipod + Charger.

Two  sundresses.

Two pairs of jean shorts + 1 pair of jeans

6 Different tops.

Flip Flops and Heals

(Don’t  forget to leave a little bit of space for shopping)

Yes, clothes are VERY important to pack but so is food. This is a HUGE part in staying healthy on vacation. The night before make a grocery list of all the healthy foods you want to munch on. This will even save you money instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money at gas stations and restaurants.

Here is what I packed in my Cooler and Snack bag.

Chobani Yogurt for each day I was there.




I popped a large bag of air popped popcorn for the road.

Boiled eggs.

Bags of Vegetables.

Rice cakes.

Don’t forget to pack brown paper bags to pop your popcorn in the microwave at the hotel or gas station.

Chai Tea Bags.

It is very important to keep yourself busy on the road. 

It was 5pm but that didn’t matter! I was craving the beach! I hurried to the room and through on a bikini and went down to walk the beach with Karlee. We spent an hour or so walking the beach miles down and back. We knew we had to go out for dinner with the family so we got in a little extra workout.

Take advantage of the Hotel fridge! You will save yourself lots of money and lots of lbs. Fill it up with fresh fruits, salads, healthy lunch meats, vegetables, salsa, etc. Just because you are in a hotel doesn’t mean you cant eat as healthy as you would at home. If your hotel doesn’t provide a breakfast bring instant oatmeal packets and grapefruits.

The hotel had and amazing 24 hour gym! I woke up around 7 am and hit the gym for an hour.  I walked/ ran on the treadmill for a good 30 minutes then did some strength training on the mats.

I kept ingredients to make my own fresh salads for lunches or dinners in the hotel fridge to save me money and keep me on track.

I played Frisbee and other beach games with my family for hours! I definitely worked up a sweat and worked on my suntan!

Karlee and I used our creative skills to build sand people

Karlee , my brother and I spent hours walked up and down the beach digging for sea shells. This definitely wore me out!

The second night after we spent the day at the beach we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe! 

Of coarse taking runs on the beach was always fun! It really worked the calves and gave me a break from the normal activity in the gym. This also helped me get a nice tan. The best part was if I was all hot I could just jump into the ocean!

-Eat healthy sides.

Substitute your french fries for vegetable medleys. There are usually healthy choices that come with the entree.

Since I will be on the road for about 22 Hours on my way to NY I just bought some Fruit/Veggie wash for the car! That way I can attempt to clean off some gas stations fruit!

Making a big bowl of salad can get messy for traveling so I brought a purchased bag of lettuce and cut the bag from the side. No dishes and No Messes.

Road trips can be long, boring and healthy eating breakers. It’s hard to find healthy foods at gas stations, fast food joints and truck stops but it is possible. I like to eat light on road trips, feeling full and uncomfortable in a car is no fun and the more bathroom stops the longer it takes to get to your destination. If your driving it’s also important to eat healthy otherwise you’ll have a lack of energy and feel sleepy behind the wheel. 

I finally found a little bistro.

I got a Caesar salad with the dressing on the side. After I took this picture I immediately tossed the olives onto Jeremy’s plate. They freak me out! I had a much healthier dinner when I got home with lots of protein and healthy grains!

A nice find today at the gas station! If you find a gas station that is connected to a grocery store they usually have fresh produce! :)

A nice find today at the gas station! If you find a gas station that is connected to a grocery store they usually have fresh produce! :)