Undressed Skeleton — My Story!

My Story!


Hello, Everyone! Some of you might recognize me from my Tumblr or as “the girl in the green dress”, but my name is Taralynn! I am 23 years old and have been blogging for almost four years now.  If you are new to my blog, you’ll most likely be wondering  where, when, or how? It’s hard to write a bio while trying to leave a four year chunk out of it. I apologize! Do some digging around my blog and all the pieces will start to come together. But, I’m a newly single gal living in Charlotte, NC. It really doesn’t matter how I landed here, but I’m here. I’m in the process of trying to figure out who I am and what I’m meant to accomplish in life. As of right now, I’m living it up as a blogger, photographer, freelance writer, social media marketer, and I have my new fitness line.


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I started writing my blogs on Tumblr back in 2010 as a healthy living blogger. Four years later, I finally switched over and built my own website with the help of Andrew, my awesome designer and blog genius. (email me if you’d like his contact information) Simply Taralynn is a blog about my life. I blog about almost everything. You’ll find posts about restaurants, travel, cooking, fashion, fitness, or my rants. I think it’s safe to call me a “lifestyle” blogger. The reason I chose the name, Simply Taralynn is because I don’t want to categorize my blog. Although, I blog pretty much all aspects of my life, not everything is put on my blog. This year has been a mountain climb. If you’ve been following me over the years, you know what I mean. If you’re looking for a bumpy blog with obstacles, this one is for you. I’m no where near perfect, I make a lot of mistakes, I have a rocky past, but this is where I come to find ease, guidance and support. My readers are what keeps me going everyday.

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I get to work with two awesome people everyday brainstorming and designing for Liveashore. How did I come up with the name Liveashore? Well…it’s my dream to live on the beach. I grew up in Hawaii and never really let go. I’d love to make it back one day and I wanted to bring that dream to my clothing line. We have bohemian, casual, and comfortable style tanks. They are perfect for fitness and our customers seem to love them as much as we do! We are just starting out and slowly growing but have big dreams for the future!

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I love love love food and love love fitness. I believe in eating 80/20. 80% of my food is healthy everyday and 20% is not. That’s what helps me maintain my healthy lifestyle. I love to workout, too. I’ve been trying to work around my runner’s knee, a bone spur and achilles tendonitis and becoming a stronger runner. I make so to workout at least everyday. Even if it’s just running, dancing, or yoga. It’s important to maintain my health in this way! I like to post bits and pieces of my workouts.

As for food. Here, you will find tons of healthy, unhealthy, special diet, or special occasion recipes! I post most of my meals when I go out to dinner and what I buy at the grocery store or take on road trips!

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I’m pretty popular around the internet for my weight loss. But, food and fitness have always been a struggle for me. Finding the balance was one of the hardest parts of changing my life around. There are two extremes: being overweight and being underweight. I was both. I was never educated on “how to lose weight”, I only ready things in magazine or the computer. At first, I focussed on the number on the scale, eating everything sugar free, working out all day, not eating fat, not eating carbs, counting calories…and the list goes on. It got really unhealthy and addictive. After months of this behavior, I was scary skinny. It wasn’t healthy, but in my “mind” it was. I gave up friends, hid things from my family, and only focussed on being “skinny.” I didn’t even know I was doing it because I thought that’s how I was supposed to live my life. I mean…that’s what every magazine or website said to do! My mom walked into the bathroom one day before I was getting into the shower and she started to cry, which made me start to cry because right there… I knew I had a problem. When so many people constantly tell you how skinny and amazing you look, it goes to your head and you keep falling deeper into this “disorder”. The more your ribs and bones pop out, the happier you are.  I could only find clothes in the kids section that actually fit. I stayed in my bedroom a lot because I was always cold, my liver was starting to shut down from  overdosing on diuretics, my skin was always pale, I couldn’t walk half a mile without wanting to faint, and my hair was starting to fall out. No one will ever understand until they have the disease. I still don’t like to admit it. I won’t come out and tell you, but it’s obvious and I wasn’t fooling anyone. I agreed to seek help. After months of outpatient therapy, I was ready to start my new life as the healthy living Taralynn. I gave up all the artificial sweeteners, fat free foods, and started to focus on being strong! I started eating healthy diet with protein, vegetables, complex carbs, fresh fruits, and tons of water! Months after being cleared by the doctor, I was given an exercise regime and began to exercise as a way to be healthy instead of counting calories and focussing on a scale. It has taken me almost four years to share this story, but I feel as if so many of my readers are struggling everyday and need someone to talk to. Don’t be afraid to tell someone and don’t be afraid of recovering. I was so close to dying and never thought I’d be alive to tell anyone this story. I’m not sure why I’m embarrassed to admit it, maybe because it shows a side of weakness but it shows more strength that I beat it. Of course I have days where I call myself fat or feel guilty for eating pizza, but those are things I’m still working on. If you are facing any struggles, never hesitate to email me.

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If you don’t like Grumples, you may not like my blog. He basically appears in almost every post. He is my main man! He’ll be three next month:) This dog has saved my life in so many ways and I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s incredible at tricks for treats, allergic to grains, and loves belly rubs.

I’m sure I’ve missed some basics, but feel free to leave me a comment! I hope you enjoy my blog and continue to come back. You’re always welcome and I love meeting new people, so don’t be a stranger!