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Weekend Recap: Friday & Saturday Shenanigans.


Have you ever listened to James Blunt radio on Pandora? I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad. This has to be one of the deepest stations I have ever encountered. With that being said, this post is going to be a struggle to write. I have the saxophone sending me mixed emotions and all I want is a bowl of coco puffs.

I was just about to write about my weekend and then Gary Jules just started singing “Mad World.” I’m about to give up. Okay, I’m turning this off. Back to my weekend…

Friday night, I went out to dinner with some friends. We ate at Cajun Yard Dog. If you love Louisiana cuisine, you’d fall in love with this place. Most people turn away from a restaurant when they have to wait to be seated. To me, that’s a sign of a good restaurant. Oh and I learned that Cajun yard dog means alligator…an alligator you treat like a backyard dog.


I ordered the blackened salmon with a side of sautéed vegetables and their seasonal cucumber salad. Everything was delicious and cooked well.


Plus, dinner came with these two hot dates. {**COUGH…& they’re single, ladies**} @ovo_leo12 @whbaldwin ;)


After dinner, we went to go see 22 Jump Street at the Cinebarre. It’s one of those theaters that serves food and drinks.

PicMonkey Collage

Saturday had it’s share of events. After breakfast (mentioned in my last post) I headed to the pool, had an amazing workout, and then got ready for dinner. After dinner, us girls went out in Charlotte. I had a few drinks, and by midnight I was ready to crawl into bed. But, that didn’t happen. I got home at four and of course woke up this morning at eight. I don’t know how some people do it. I hate when my sleep schedule is screwy. I’m ready to catch up on sleep, recoup, and prepare for my parents visit this week. They are helping me move into my new place and I can’t wait to see them. Also, can’t wait to have all of my stuff back in my possession. It’s been since Chicago since I’ve seen it all. It’ll be like Christmas. :)

But before I catch up on sleep, I am going to take advantage of this beautiful day and go hit balls at the driving range and possible go hiking.