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Today’s Workout, Breakfast, & A Low Cal Protein Smoothie.



Pizza Spaghetti Casserole 

making this with spaghetti squash


The atmosphere, the vibe, and feel matched up with my imagination when I read the book. Anastasia fit the description in my head, and then they put the camera on Christian, I didn’t get that “Mr. Grey” feeling. He didn’t look intimidating or sharp. I know he’ll grow on me when I watch the movie. The same thing happened to me when I watched Twilight with Robert Pattinson as Edward. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jamie Dornan (Mr. Grey) is incredibly good looking, but he just doesn’t fit the description in the book. He looks very young, innocent, and overly friendly. I’m going to assume this is because the trailer didn’t show much of Mr. Grey’s Character. I’m just itching to see more. It’s almost scary how close the atmosphere and surrounds fit the image in my head. That’s why I disagree with anyone who say’s E.L James is a bad writer. Call me the bad writer, not her.


Now, I hope they have a extended trailer soon so I can see all the characters! Now, excuse me while I go watch the trailer a billion more times.