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Jeremy Can Cook!

Sunday night Jeremy and I had just got done playing basketball. We love finding fun ways to exercise. We made large salads when we got back to the house and Jeremy grilled up some asparagus. Oh my gosh was it good. It was so addicting. I have been craving it every day since then! As soon as this budget week is over I’m making Jeremy grill up a bunch! It almost tasted guilty. All he did was add a Tbsp of olive oil, tbsp sesame seed oil, salt, pepper, and sprinkled a little Parmesan over the top after grilling. I’m not a grill expert and I wouldn’t dare touch the grill, I always fear that I will start a huge fire. But if you are good at the grill I do recommend trying this out! Asparagus is one of the healthiest vegetables. It has about 3 calories per spear, contains no fat, no cholesterol, low sodium, high potassium, high fiber, and strengthens your capillary walls with the amount of rutin. 

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  2. thepianobabs said: You can also try baking them, essentially, in an oven for the same effect. It’s delectable!
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  4. getitbackk said: I work in a restaurant and we have grilled asparagus as a side. Just grill with a a bit of olive oil, salt &pepper then when its done add roasted red pepper and a drizzle of balsamic. It’s delicious!
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