Undressed Skeleton — Kitt Linville ft. Tara McNitt - Don’t Stop...

Kitt Linville ft. Tara McNitt - Don’t Stop Believin’ (Glee/Journey Cover) (by kewliog3)

This is Kitt! 


Above is the link to his new journey to a healthier lifestyle. I met Kitt in College. We share the love of music and performing. We grew closer when we were both casted in “Godspell”. I really got to know Kitt and he is an unbelievable person. He can also play lady gaga on the piano so well it gives you chills. 

Kitt wants things to come easier for him in life and living an unhealthy lifestyle makes it a lot harder. I know what it’s like to be there and sometimes we don’t even know how we let ourselves get so far from happiness and health. The beauty of our bodies is that we can change them however and whenever we want. It’s a challenge but it is possible. Kitt is such a strong guy and I know he can do it, he started a blog to gain more motivation and support from others. He blogs his feelings, meals, and fitness. Kitt is giving up his old habits of sitting in front of the T.V. eating snacks, and playing video games to a more active one. I know kitt can get there, he is already active in theater, music, show choir, working and super busy with school, just fixing his eating habits will change his life around      drastically. Send him a message or a note on his blog to keep him going! 

If you check out his music on Youtube you will know what I mean by AMAZING!

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