Undressed Skeleton — What are your thoughts on detox/cleanse?

What are your thoughts on detox/cleanse?

  • I get many questions in my ask box about what kind of detox/cleanse they should do. I have never done a cleanse or detox other than just eating really clean on days I feel bloated and as us girls usually say "gross". After a weekend of pigging out I make sure to eat super healthy and add vegetables, protein and fruits in every meal.Would that be considered a detox/cleanse? I know a lot of Hollywood stars rely on detoxes and cleanse to stay in shape (not that we should always do what celebrities do) and it seems to work for them. What is your opinion on detoxes and cleanses? Are there safe ones or should they all be avoided? Dangerous ones? Fill me in.

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  1. estherisbrave said: I strongly recommend that people do a parasite cleanse every 6 months. Our bodies are bloated because of toxins, candida and microscopic parasites that do a very good job staying undetected. Humaworm is the most reputable cleanse I know of. They have all kinds of cleanses. …
  2. findinghealthyhappiness said: There’s a movie: sick, fat and nearly dead. And he does a jucing cleanse. He does it for and insane amount of time though. But that’s the only cleanse I can see a benefit in. Because you get so many nutrients.
  3. getfitordietrying-nailasedition said: If someone has the will to only put spicy lemonade into their body, Why not go a healthier route and go raw/vegan for a week if they really wanted to cleanse their body. Your body still gets all the nutrients it needs ;)
  4. pinkxanies said: My mum’s a doctor and recommends detox and cleansing herbal supplements to get rid of toxins from junk food and ect. to jump start your weight loss and increase your metabolism.
  5. fightingfit123lbs said: Doing a clear before you start a weight loss/ healthy eating plan can clean out that gross stuff that is stuck in your body. If your using a cleanse all the time that can be dangerous.
  6. emz12 said: They just cause you to be miserable for a certain amount of days and then eventually when the cleanse is over you binge. I’ve seen it several times.
  7. dreamergirly said: kefir with cinnamon and red pepper..
  8. double-minte said: I read that you never actually need a cleanse, because the body is fully capable of cleansing itself without any help at all. To actually “cleanse” it would take like a year of eating no junk apparently. its better to just eat cleansing foods
  9. kittenskaboodles said: Eating clean and drinking lots of water is the only “detox” I can really stand behind… your body is built to detox itself.
  10. delightful-stateofmind said: your body flushes out toxins by itself and drinking tons of water, no “detox” juice can do what your body naturally does every day.
  11. love-laugh-be-happy said: I think it depends on what type of detox/cleanse. I had to do one because I have Inflammatory bowel disease and I needed to give my gut time to heal, but things like the master cleanse can’t be good for the body surely?
  12. rhiannonlikethesong said: I think the best kind of detox/cleanse is one that lets you still eat a variety of real foods. For example: detox from artificial sugars. Or detox from food with preservatives. Or following a raw-food diet for a week or two. Don’t restrict too much!
  13. obeyingsupreme said: I saw a Swedish weight losing show and the nutritian told her to only eat vegtables and drink water for one week just to get rid of all excess-water and stuff in her body so she could lose weight faster. :)
  14. sabrinashery said: I think eating clean is for sure a detox. Getting rid of all of the processed foods we ate and clearing our pallet ;)
  15. velvet-dawn said: i think green smoothies are great for detoxing, there’s tonnes of recipes on youtube and i have them for breakfast after an indulgent weekend :)
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