Undressed Skeleton — My fruit and yogurt are feeling...

My fruit and yogurt are feeling pretty Christmasy today:)

Just a few more hours left here in Georgia before Jeremy, Mr. Grumples and I pack up and head to Chicago/Iowa for Christmas. I’m really dreading the 20 hours on the road. Driving through the night and snow seems awful. 

We are going to arrive in Chicago around 6 in the morning, then head to a company Christmas party at 2pm. I hate the feeling of being rushed, but it’s the only way to make it work. On Saturday we have to wake up super early and head to Iowa. Hopefully the roads will be clear from all of this snow. At least it will be a white Christmas.

I have a ton of Christmas recipes to share with you and promise to find the time to post them soon! I have been working with a new trainer for the past couple weeks, but since we will be apart I’ll have to come up with some “at home” workouts that are cohesive to his. I’ll make sure to post them as well, so you can do them with me. 

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