Undressed Skeleton — Meet Team Taralynn

Meet Team Taralynn

After receiving over 1,100 emails, we narrowed it down to six girls. The process was difficult because of all the heart-warming entries. In the upcoming weeks, Team Taralynn will be launched. Jamie, Sabrina, Jordan, Emilee, Gabby and Lindsey will be spot-lighted. The team will be provided with a workout routine and meal plan created by professionals.

Don’t worry, you can still participate!

You will have the chance to get to know them, and follow their journey to a healthy lifestyle. A forum will be available for discussion or for your own personal help. As you can see, the girls come from different backgrounds, thus will have different plans. You can pick the routine that fits you best and follow along. The nutritionist and personal trainer will offer help to anyone who needs it on the forums. The girls will be blogging their progress, recipes and workouts every single day on Team Taralynn. These girls will need your support and motivation during their journeys. 

Thank you for your understanding that we could only feature six girls. If this is a success, and there is a desire for another team, I would love to do it! 

Watch for updates on the start of Team Taralynn!



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