Undressed Skeleton — It's Cleansing Week! The Team Taralynn Girls Have Begun!

It’s Cleansing Week! The Team Taralynn Girls Have Begun!

Meet the team!

JennaAshlee & Amanda (the sister duo), EmilyJuliannaKelli, and Madison! Which girl can you relate more to?!

Head over to wish these girls luck and give them your advice! They’ll need tons of support in order to stay motivated. 

This cleanse will not leave your body tired or hungry at the end of the day.  The cleanse will help rid the body of toxins and waste, kicking off your healthy lifestyle to a great start. The cleanse will last for seven days. Each girl will follow the cleanse, adding their own twist depending on their lifestyle needs. We want you to follow along as well. 

This cleanse will be broken up into phases. Cleanses that are repetitive become boring and difficult to stick to. If you can get past the first phase,  you will have no problem moving forward to the next! Phase one will last for two days consisting of: fresh fruit, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, non-fat organic yogurt, and lean protein.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget dessert!

Phase one (Monday, Tuesday)

Phase Two (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Cleansing your body before taking on a new healthy lifestyle is important. The cleanse flushes out harmful toxins, increases stamina and overall health in your body. You don’t want to bring those toxins into your new lifestyle. Throw out the baggage, and create a stronger, you.

After day one and two, eating lighter should be easier. Just because you are eating lighter foods, doesn’t mean you should be eating less. Cleansing is not meant to leave you hungry. If you find yourself hungry, eat more of the cleansing foods.  Phase two will require creativity. 

Phase Three: (Saturday, Sunday)

Each photo will take you to the cleanse guide! I am very excited to see these girls progress. I also know a lot of you are following along with the plans. Your photos are very inspiring and motivating! Your participation makes this so much fun.

Send us your photos to our facebook page, or hash tag us on twitter and instagram! #teamtaralynn 

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